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We re-launched our social media arm, dubbed VikesGeist, for the off-season and the largest part of that is our message board! We’ve got some really cool software and over 1,000 registered users, but like a middle school dance, all it takes is for some of you to get off the wall and onto the dance floor! So, let’s all show our love for the Minnesota Vikings by debating all the topics this off-season/slow dance to K-Ci and JoJo’s ‘All my Life’ (Sigh, I’m old).

Since you’re on the internet you’re probably aware of how message board works.

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That account gives you access for ALL of our VikesGeist features like this, live chats, user groups and even our own internal Twitter-like software!

So, let’s get right into the top three topics for today!

  1. Thoughts on the ‘New’ 2020 Vikings Coaches

    Original Article
  2. Zimmer Non-Commital about Calling Plays on Defense in 2020
  3. Super Bowl LIV Preview: Where the Hell is the Purple?
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