This Deshaun Watson talk exposes real issue with the Vikings

Photo credit – Dane Kuhn

If you hadn’t heard, we recently launched our first radio show courtesy of KDLM radio in Detroit Lakes/Fargo, which is typically comprised of me, Joe Oberle, former Vikings head coach Mike Tice and periodically Mike Wobschall. 

However, Tice is on an off-season like sabbatical, so we had our newest content contributor Tim McNiff fill-in. You can listen to the show if you live up north tonight @ 7pm, or here:

 The VikingsTerritory Breakdown – Tim McNiff joins the show/team – Vikings Territory

On that show we discussed the proof that it’s the off-season for the Vikings “story” that everyone (including us) has covered.

Now, let me start this by saying: This will NEVER happen. First of all, the Vikings can’t afford the monster contract that Watson would bring. That’s obvious, though, and should be enough to make this story as laughable as it is frustrating.

Why frustrating?

Not because people are covering it, I’m as guilty of that as anyone and I believe we should cover every angle of every story both locally and nationally. 

It’s frustrating because as currently comprised? Adding Watson over Cousins, when you include what he’d cost compared to Cousins, what you’d have to also give up to seal the deal (ie Danielle Hunter/first-round draft picks), and what it would actually mean in terms of impact?

It makes no sense.

The Vikings offense is already as efficient as is nearly humanly possible considering the restrictions placed on it by Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer. I am not saying that Cousins is as good as Watson, he isn’t, but what would Watson have done any differently than Cousins did in 2020? 

So, you hurt your team financially, you lose arguably the best defensive player in the NFL, draft picks, etc. for maybe a few more touchdowns a season while Zimmer requires that the team run an offense from last century?

Point being, the issues with this team stem from the restrictions it places on itself on offense. The lack of investment in the offensive line, is part of that. Zimmer expects this team to win by a defense that even at it’s peak showed it never was good enough to win without an elite offense that this team could have if Zimmer allowed it.

It’s maddening. 

This talk is part of that, as Cousins has done more under the worst circumstances than anyone could expect. Antiquated system(s)? Check. Offensive line issues? Check. Rotating door at OC? Check. Zero respect or support from fans? Check. Double check. 

I can’t think of a player who has been more underappreciated in Minnesota sports history than Cousins. Look at the season he had.

But yeah, let’s break the bank, trade away the future on defense and in the draft, and bring in a QB that’ll instantly be forced to be some simultaneous game manager/lethally efficient red-zone passer.

Wait, we already have that.