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If you hadn’t heard, the Minnesota Vikings are still in last place in the entire NFL in terms of cap space, which means that their near 20 pending free agents, they’re going to need all the help they can get when it comes to next month’s draft. There is some good news on that front, as they were awarded three compensatory picks today. That gives them a total of 10 for April’s draft.

According to

The Vikings were awarded a third-round comp pick (the 105th overall selection), plus a pair of seventh-round selections (picks No. 249 and 253).

That third-round pick could be particularly significant, especially as the Vikings may be without three of their four starting players from the secondary in Xavier Rhodes, Trae Waynes, and Anthony Harris. While three picks may not seem like that many, the max that a team can receive is four and there are only 32 total picks awarded to the 32 teams in the NFL, which should give you some idea as to where the Vikings are in that regard. While the NFL does not really explain the formula behind their distribution of compensatory picks, it is based on an algorithm that combines salary, playing time and awards when redistributing those picks.

The extra cool news is that the NFL changed the rule about trading compensatory picks in 2017. With Vikings general manager Rick Spielman being known for his ability to wheel and deal, and deal, and DEAL on draft day, those extra picks could come in handy should the Vikings want to move up for the 25th pick on the first day of the draft.

Also according to, here is the new list of picks the Vikings have per round:

Round 1: One selection (No. 25 overall)

Round 2: One selection (No. 58 overall)

Round 3: Two selections (No. 89 and No. 105 overall)

Round 4: One selection

Round 5: None

Round 6: One selection

Round 7: Four selections


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