The Safety We Deserve – Harrison Smith | “The Hitman” | Full Career Highlights

Harrison Smith's entire Vikings career in one video.


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Well it’s been awhile since my last post, but I don’t think I realized the amount of highlight plays Harrison Smith has accumulated in his career. From bone-crushing hits to record-breaking interceptions, this guy has done it all. On top of gathering years of footage for this highlight film, I realized that it would be incomplete if Paul Allen wasn’t voicing (mostly) the whole experience. Going through all of PA’s radio calls was tedious but clearly worth it. I found it especially interesting to listen to Paul Allen’s commentary starting with Smith’s first interception, resulting in a pick-6, when we didn’t know how truly special of a player Harrison Smith was.

The Super Bowl Experience

My goal with this video was to put together the ultimate highlight reel for all the #22 fans. Hope you all enjoy!

Sidenote: The cinematic footage of Harrison Smith at the start is made by Triglass Productions, a Minneapolis video production agency. You can check out their website here: They make the coolest videos for the Vikings and are obviously very good at what they do. Thought I’d put that out there, one day I hope to be making content like them!

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The Super Bowl Experience