The purpleJOURNAL Podcast- The Jimmy Stuart Edition


On this edition of the purpleJOURNAL Podcast the fellas break down the win over Atlanta, rumors of Shurmur being a head coaching candidate in 2018, the Vikings’ elevation to the number one seed in the NFC and the upcoming game against the Panthers!



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  1. So, what is everyone going to do if the Vikings meet the Jaguars in the Superbowl. Think about it, the two best Defenses with the two QBs all you talking sports heads hate the most, Keenum and Bortles? It os going to be great listening and watching the mental gymnastics you all have to go through to explain how a 3rd string loser like Keenum, and a lousy QB like Bortles could actually help propel their teams to the SB over the likes of the Eagles, Seahawks, Pittsburgh and Patriots.

    I guess then you all will actually come to your senses and realize that it is not great QBs and great Offenses that usually (not always) win championships, but rather great Defenses and good QBs that win most championships.

    That in spite of your sycophant worshiping all season of the teams with great QBs and Offenses like the Rams, Eagles, Falcons, and Patriots, it will be another team with a very good defense that wins it all. Oh every now and then a good offense does win, but that is the exception not the norm.
    Go Vikes, Go Jags!

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