The Great 1998 Vikings Rewatch – Moss torches the ‘Boys on Thanksgiving

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It’s been awhile since we checked in on the 1998 season. With all the new drama surrounding Dalvin Cook and bis contract, as well as the beginning of every zombie movie ever that has been 2020, it’ll be nice to check back on a simpler time where all of our hearts were broken but we at least could go shopping without a mask, or shopping at all considering some of us live in the ‘Purge’ neighborhoods of South Minneapolis (this author included).

We last watched the Vikings bounce back from their Week 9 loss to then NFC Central foe the Tampa Bay Bucs with a win over the Saints. 

Some of the games from the ‘98 season arent uploaded fully, so we will have to watch the highlights for:

Week 11 vs. the Bengals (courtesy of FunkyDunkleman, who is a partner on our new Minnesota Sports ONLY podcast/YouTube site, 

Week 12 vs. The Packers:

And now, the main course!

The legendary Thanksgiving game (well, the first legendary Thanksgiving game) against the Dallas Cowboys for one Randy Moss.

As I’m sure you recall, Moss was told by the Cowboys that they were going to draft him with the 8th pick. They instead drafted defensive end Greg Ellis, which lead Moss to … Well, you’ll see:

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