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We have hit a bit of a slow patch for this offseason. The Vikings start Organized Team Activities this week, which means that we will have some new coverage coming up, but for now it seems we are content to cling to any scrap of Vikings news we can. That is why we are once again talking about the possibility of a trade involving Tight End Kyle Rudolph.

A report from Sports Illustrated’s Albert Breer says that the Patriots have talked to the Vikings about Kyle Rudolph. Of course we have no idea what the extent of those talks are. The Patriots have done a lot to try to replace Rob Gronkowski, who rode off into the sunset following New England’s Super Bowl victory last season, by bringing in Benjamin Watson, Austin Sefarian-Jenkins, and Matt Lacosse.

These move haven’t done much to stem the flow of rumors centered around the Vikings moving the man who been their TE1 for years. It made sense before the draft to talk about the possibility of a move as Rudolph is set to make $7.625 million this season, and the Vikings were extremely strapped for cash to sign their rookies. It even made sense immediately following the draft when the Vikings took Irv Smith Jr in the second round. However, Eric Kendricks decided to accept a restructure so that the Vikings could sign their final draft pick, Garret Bradbury.

When you consider how much the Vikings new offensive guru, Gary Kubiak, loves 2 Tight End sets, it makes less and less sense to let Kyle Rudolph go unless you are getting a big haul for him. Of course the Rudolph is only signed through this season so even more hoops would have to be jumped through to make the deal happen as it is unlikely that a team is going to take him on as a “rental” for one season.

Rudolph has said that he will be at OTA’s this week, so it’s unlikely that he would do anything drastic like hold out. The only hope that Vikes have to move Rudy would be if another team really needs a Tight End when training camp rolls around. So, unless we see real news drop from a reliable source, Kyle Rudolph is Minnesota Viking for this upcoming season. Now we can put this topic and speculation to bed until at least training camp.

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Kirby O'Connor is a graduate of Saint Mary's University of Minnesota, where he studied Electronic Publishing and minored in Art. Kirby is a lifelong, die-hard Vikings fan thanks to his father. You can find him on Twitter @kjocon14.
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1 year ago

After Zim got the money for Barr and Stephen Stefanski \Gary Kubiak got Kline and most of the draft ~Maybe it’s just me IMHO Zim has been told this would\should be the year of the offense~Zim is returning 11 or 12 starters and lost little depth ~ The offense on the other hand will have 2 new starting IOL and 1 learning a new position be it Bradbury or Elflein ??? Well if Elflein is finally 100% ~ If not then the Vikings could have 3 new IOL ~ Hopefully Pat is ready to go this week ~

It sure seems to me that the new offensive staff has a lot more say than any of the past staff with the way the draft played out ~ Just my best guess ~ If that’s true then Rudy is safe IMHO ~ No that doesn’t mean a dang thing ~ LOL

As always remember I know just enough to get us all in trouble ~

Joe Johnson
Reply to  Vikadan11
1 year ago

God you’re the best, Gordon.