Vikings insider (still trying to figure out how, but he’s broken news before) Ryan Boser just posted this on Twitter:

What?! I just wrote an article, hours ago, that stated that there was no reason (financially or really at all) for the Vikings to take Teddy off the IR/PUP list (unless Bradford got hurt or played terribly). My reasoning is/was that it makes no sense for a banged up Teddy to:

A) Rush back
B) Waste a year of his contract still sort of rehabbing and being the defacto “back-up”
C) Forcing his contract extension earlier than if he stayed on the IR, since/if he won’t be starting, anyway.

Either way, this is going to cause an immediate rift in the Vikings fandom. I just know it. While being cleared to practice isn’t the same thing as being cleared to play in a game, it does activate his contract (I believe) as he comes off of the PUP list. People LOVE Teddy, emotionally, I mean, Luke Braun (LBVikings) is the most rational guy on the site (outside of Joe Oberle, perhaps), his (amazing) pieces are all about numbers and objectivity. Until… Teddy shows up and he becomes a pile of subjective goo! I get it, the Vikings haven’t had a single QB play back to back seasons (all 16 games) ONCE since 1978 and people want a young, consistently developing quarterback. While Bradford isn’t a Favre or Warren Moon, he will be 30 this year and he’s had a pretty iffy career. I strongly believe, however, that this offense is better off with Bradford than Teddy, healthy or otherwise, as Bradford has the arm and accuracy to make throws down the field. Teddy has yet to prove his ability to consistently do that and considering the fact that Bradford is coming off of…. Wait… Wait a minute. I’m doing it! I’m building the QB controversy while writing about how I loathe it!

Either way, I hope that this isn’t true as… Well just see above. I like Teddy and want him to succeed (and want the best QB for the team, obviously), I just think that this is too soon and really pointless and sort of counter-intuitive. Let him rest, give him a year off, help him fight the cabin fever he’s got and make sure that just because he’s been out of that brace for a day (See my article from this morning, same picture!) it doesn’t mean that a leg that literally had to be put back together, can take a hit.

Either way, like I said when I ended my other piece… We’ll be covering this as things develop! This definitely is interesting and should make Bradford come out guns a blazin’ against the 49ers, and Saints!

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