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Detroit Lions (3-3) 23, Atlanta Falcons (1-6) 22

We still have no idea who the Lions are?

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Is Detroit good? Does anyone know who they are after six games? I have no idea. The Lions pulled out a win on the last play of the game, maybe some good karma for D’Andre Swift’s drop in Week 1. However, the Falcons handed them the game. 

Despite playing one of the worst defenses in the league, Matthew Stafford just wasn’t allowed to sling it. Kenny Golladay made multiple terrific grabs. Yet, the Lions decided to slam 35-year-old Adrian Peterson over and over into non-existent holes. Even after a few nice runs to start the game, Swift struggled as well. 

Detroit has a handful of winnable games coming up, Although it seems like every Lions fan wants Matt Patricia gone. Detroit appears to be on a collision course for another mediocre season. 

Green Bay Packers (5-1) 35, Houston Texans (1-6) 20

Davante Adams reminded everyone about his talent

In Davante Adams’ return from injury last week, the Green Bay offense fell flat against Tampa Bay. The Packers had an advantageous matchup on Sunday versus a bad Texans defense. However, Adams needed to step up with Aaron Jones missing, and the wide receiver certainly put the Packers’ offense back on track. 

Adams caught 13 passes for 196 yards and two scores. Matt LaFleur does a good job in trying to scheme Adams open and not just relying on him to get open. In the second quarter, Green Bay ran a play-action with motion asking Adams to run a crosser. The cornerback played outside leverage and had no chance. Due to the motion, Adams ends up being the only receiver on the left side of the field for a 36-yard gain. 

Adams showed his elite route running on the second touchdown. With a quick hesitation step followed by a great adjustment to the ball for a long touchdown. 

Los Angeles Rams (5-2) 24, Chicago Bears (5-2) 10

The Bears are lucky to have the record they do. 

Chicago certainly didn’t look like the team that had the better record coming into Monday night. Despite the Bears’ excellent passing defense, Sean McVay had a game plan for Jared Goff and had his best game in three tries against the Bears. 

The Rams blew up the door with a 24-3 lead, without major impact from either of their top receivers, Cooper Kupp and Robert Woods. Meanwhile, Josh Reynolds and tight end Johnny Mundt led the team in receiving yards. 

On the other side of the ball, the Bears didn’t score an offensive touchdown and Nick Foles struggled. Foles’ two interceptions were head scratchers, he also got away with a few other throws. The Bears needed some magic to win their first three games. Their schedule also doesn’t get much easier with the Saints and Titans ahead. 

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