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With so much purple running through and through it’s hard to watch all of that green go to the Super Bowl. It’s even tougher to have it happen right here in Minneapolis. It’s like inviting the enemy in for a cup of tea …

So … what to do? Rooting for the Pats kind of goes against the grain of the lumber that I’m built of, but I’m going to scream ’til my face is purple for the “Pretty Boy” to let the Eagles have it! “Let Mean Green have it, Tom!” Ugh … I’m literally shaking my head because I can’t believe I just wrote that.

I was looking around for more ways to make the game bearable and came across the Super Bowl props bets available at Bovada and I’ve gotta say, it’s a great way to cheer up a room full of Vikings fans at Super Bowl party that has to watch the team that just bruised them up play for the championship in our stadium.

I’ll get out a big whiteboard and start writing on it like it’s an office pool. Now we are focusing whether or not Pink will sing the National Anthem for OVER or UNDER two minutes or whether or not she forgets or omits any words, instead of the fact that Nick Foles and the Philadelphia Eagles are about to take the field.

Once you start getting into all of the scoring and yardage props, there are around 400 to choose from. You could do a simple 1-point per right answer system to determine the winner at the end of the game. But I like using the actual odds. For example, Bovada has the Anthem going OVER two minutes as a moderate favorite -165. UNDER two minutes is +125. If you understand betting odds, you know that the minus sign indicates the amount you have to risk to win 100 dollars. Conversely, the plus sign indicates how much you would win when risking 100 dollars. This is a great way of penalizing your guests who think they are going to win by going with all the favorites on the board!

If they take Pink to sing longer than two minutes and she goes 1:59, they lose 165 points and everyone on UNDER two minutes receives 125 points. If the opposite is true, the people that picked OVER win 100 points and those on the under only lose 100 points. Aha! See. Now it gets interesting. If I miss on a couple of ‘sure-thing’ -200 bets … I’m 400 points in the hole!

Let’s look at some other ridiculous (yet totally legitimate lines).

Will Pink be ‘airborne’ at any time during her performance? 

No +300, Yes -500.

Will she say the word ‘Eagles’ before, during, or after her performance? 

Yes +170, No -250.

Will any scoring drive take less time than it took Pink to sing the National Anthem? 

No -110, Yes -130.

The color of Belichick’s shirt (hoodie) at Kickoff?

White +1000, Red +1000, Grey +130, Blue -150.

How many times will broadcast clips of Super Bowl 39 be shown?

OVER 2.5 +150, UNDER 2.5 -200.

How many times will ‘Wardrobe Malfunction’ be mentioned during the broadcast? 

OVER 1.5 +300, UNDER 1.5 -500.

Will ‘Nipplegate’ be said? 

Yes +500, No -900 (imagine losing that one! Big hole to crawl out of!)

How many times will D. Trump tweet on Super Bowl Sunday?

OVER 5 -140, UNDER 5 Even money (+100).

The list goes on and on. There are tons of halftime props, many more broadcasting props, like who will get shown when and how many times. There are also tons of scoring props, individual player props, and of course my favorite: the color of Gatorade (liquid) to be dumped all over the winning coach!

So, yeah. There are over 400 ways to fully ignore the Philadelphia Eagles while still watching the big game!

Note: I don’t recommend any prizes for the betting pool. I recommend shaming punishments for the bottom half of the participants!