Should the Vikes consider Anquan Boldin [Daily Norseman]


For years, fans of the Minnesota Vikings have had a recurring dream that sees hometown product Larry Fitzgerald miraculously appear as a member of the purple and gold and find glory with the local club. While the odds of that are very, very slim, the Vikings could get their hands on one of Fitzgerald’s more prolific former teammates.

It might not be the worst idea ever.


Russell Baxter has penned a piece for Bleacher Report about the best remaining available free agency option available for each team, and he tabs receiver Anquan Boldin as a serious option for our favorite football team.

Boldin is one of the NFL’s oldest players. . .he’ll turn 36 during this upcoming NFL season. . .but he’s producing at a much higher level than what the Vikings have seen in a long time. Last season with the San Francisco 49ers, a team that experienced significant issues at quarterback, Boldin still managed to reel in 69 passes, and eclipsed the 80 reception mark in each of the two seasons before that. Boldin still, obviously, has the ability to get open at this level, and presents the sort of technically proficient receiver that Teddy Bridgewater would be able to depend on when it comes to third downs and in the red zone.

Since Boldin likely wouldn’t be looking for a long-term deal, the Vikings bringing him in wouldn’t necessarily preclude them taking a receiver in the early stages of the 2016 NFL Draft. In fact, it might free up their board even more. . .the team is likely going to be in “best player available” mode in any case, but the addition of Boldin would give the Vikings even more freedom.

So, what do you think? Would the Vikings be crazy to bring in Anquan Boldin for 2016, or is he the sort of player that could push the Vikings that much closer to their ultimate goal?

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