San Diego Chargers vs. Minnesota Vikings Prediction…


Week 3 is upon us!

We are 1 and 1. We are squarely the number 2 team in the NFC North.

The Packers are piling up injuries faster than their fan base is piling up diabetes related foot maladies.

What does that have to do with tomorrow, you ask? Well, we need to win to keep stride with the team that shall not be named but was just named. And also, because the … F the Packers.

Last week could’ve been a statement victory if not for the tons and tons of mistakes on both sides of the ball. So I look for this week to be that. A statement. Not solely because we are still reeling from week 1 (both as a fanbase but also as a team), Zimmer said after our dismantling of the Lions that he doesn’t want the squad to become “over-confident”, we came into the season exactly that. So, that is clearly his biggest fear, and what he believes could be our biggest hurdle.

Most teams aren’t as talented as we are. But, as a young team, our biggest obstacle is always going to be our discipline. We need to stay focused. And this week is a great test for us. To show how disciplined we can be, but also show how much we revere coach Turner. He wants revenge, most coaches do, so, can we get it for him?

Offensively, I do think that this is the week where we show the league that we too, can air the ball out in this NFL 2.0 system of 9 throws per 1 run. To do that, however, we need to establish the run. We need to mix it up. We will never be a New England or Green Bay. We aren’t there yet. And even when we have a top 2 QB, I don’t really think we will be that team (as currently formed).

With that having been said. We will start out the same way we did last week. One of the biggest mistakes we made to kick off the season was throwing the ball 3 times. We need AD. At home he gets the crowd going, and on the road he keeps defenses honest. With him bringing 8 or 9 in the box, we will be able to roll out any number of plays designed to get the ball down the field to either Wallace or Johnson. Both > 6′ receivers who can run 4.3’s.

Turner has always had a down the field threat. We haven’t established which of those two will be his ‘go to’ guy, yet. But, I’m thinking it will end up being Wallace. This should be his “You shouldn’t have slept on me!” game. Which, if all goes according to plan, will send fear through the NFC (north). We’ve shown we can run the ball, that we can defend. This is the missing piece, and is the determining factor. We will get as far as Teddy’s arm can carry us, perhaps.

Word is that San Diego does struggle against the run. We’ve already seen what AD can do against a shaky SD defense. He put up 296 as a rookie, in a game where he didn’t even get the ball until the second quarter, and then heavily until the second half. He put up nearly 200 all purpose yards last week, being rusty, arguably out of shape and still learning a new offense. Look at this week to be his TRUE coming out party.

With AD pounding the ball and keeping their defense both on their heals and on the field. We will be able to limit what the 4th overall offensive squad can do. They’ve been passing at a 400 yard per game clip, and have had success on the ground as well. If anyone knows what rookie RB Melvin Gordon can do, it’s us. He broke nearly every record in the Big Ten, and is an all around RB. We also know what their third year WR Keenan Allen can do, because we could’ve drafted him instead of third year KR/used to be WR Cordarrelle Patterson.

HoF TE Antonio Gates is still suspended. Rivers is in his prime, but unhappy. If we get him on the ground early and often, which we will, he could become frustrated. We are beginning to develop the reputation as a mean defense. Not a cheap one, but a mean one. One that other teams really don’t want to play. Just wait until it’s 30 below and those hits sting a bit more. But, for now, we will use this game to build off of last week. I am confident, because it’s a home game. Young teams can unravel on the road. That’s a problem for next week. For this week? I am fairly confident that we will win. Which means we will probably lose, but, I have faith in Zimmer.

He was concerned that last week’s win might go to our heads, which means he addressed it, over and over again. With a ton of profanity interlaced. We need to win this one, as we will be going into Denver week 4 to play. While The Bronco’s seemingly aren’t the same squad they were even last year they are still Peyton Manning and it’s still the road.

Like I said last week… In Zimmer we trust.

Final Score: Vikings: 34 – Chargers: 27

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