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If there’s one potential off-season move, outside of the unhappiness of one Danielle Hunter, that should send shockwaves of fear  in down the spine of every Minnesota Vikings fan it’d be Seattle Seahawks (for now) quarterback Russell Wilson potentially joining the Chicago Bears.

While Wilson hasn’t technically asked to be traded (also yet), and the 2021 dead cap money the Seahawks would have to eat ($39 million) makes this unlikely, the Bears seem like the best fit of the four teams that Wilson is reportedly eyeing.

That fact was reinforced by the Chicago Sun Times this weekend, which stated:

“The thinking among multiple sources is the Bears have prioritized making a run at Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson,” writes Brad Biggs of the Chicago Tribue. “His agent included the team on a list of four clubs Wilson would approve a trade to, although it hasn’t yet reached the point where he’s asked out. Two of the other three teams on Wilson’s list probably can be ruled out. The New Orleans Saints are mired in salary-cap hell and the Dallas Cowboys are expected to keep Dak Prescott. The fourth is the Las Vegas Raiders, and they’ve showed strong public support for Derek Carr.”

As Vikings fans know, Wilson is 6-0 against the Purple and as one of the leagues best passers is capable of shifting not only the fate of a franchise, but also capable of shifting the power dynamic of a division.

The Bears have been a decent quarterback away from contention for… Well decades but especially these last couple of seasons. With Wilson under center they could, along with the Green Bay Packers, push the Vikings to also ran/Detroit Lions status. 

Let’s hope that the Seahawks don’t end up trading Wilson, as the Vikings are already battling their lack of cap space, an offensive line that is somehow still getting worse, a special teams unit that is in shambles, and a defense that may lose even more core players like Anthony Barr and Hunter. 

The last thing they need is to have to face Wilson and Aaron Rodgers four times a year. That having been said, I personally believe that Wilson will be in Seattle this season and then elsewhere after the season unless there’s a drastic improvement to the Seahawks’ pass blocking and season outcome.

By then there may be other teams in the fold, hopefully in the AFC, that Wilson could end up on. Otherwise, this could end up being one of the most detrimental off-seasons in Vikings history internally and externally.