… Over the course of the first TWO years! That’s four raises in two years after starting at more than $16/hour for full-time work (See Below), this position offers great growth opportunities as well! The growth opportunities obviously apply to the full-time positions below, but if you’re working a seasonal gig and change your mind, there’s always room to grow in that regard as well!

purplePTSD.com is new, and is a dream of our owner Joe Johnson and really the other seven writers who propagate the site with daily content not really that different that the dream of a Danish immigrant named Hans Andersen who started Andersen Corporation in 1903! Joe’s dream is to cover the Minnesota Vikings for a living. So far it’s been so good, and we’ve actually reached the point where we’ve had to upgrade our server because we were repeatedly crashing based on the amount of people being on the site at the same time (What a good problem to have!). We were able to upgrade to the largest server that our hosting provider had thanks to our main sponsor, Andersen Corporation.

The Super Bowl Experience

Sponsors like Andersen Corp. are essential to this dream, as they help us offset the costs of running the site and for Joe, keeping enough Diet Mountain Dew in his veins to help him write his classic articles such as “The Vikings are Going to Win the Super Bowl” and “Moritz Boehringer is Going to Take Adam Thielen’s Spot on the Roster” (Both in 2016).

So, even if you’re not looking for a new career, even sharing this article/job links in anyway you can would be a gigantic help to our site and team. You guys have gone above and beyond in the past when it came to supporting our other sponsor(s), so I’m hoping you can help prove that purplePTSD.com is a great resource for companies that are actively hiring and that also want to get the word out to currently employed “Passive Job-Seekers”. So, any shares of this to your friends would be amazing, as we at purplePTSD.com only partner with companies that we believe in and from everything I’ve read about working for Andersen (From ironically named GlassDoor.com and Indeed.com) this is a great opportunity that is a great place to work that offers above average compensation compared to industry competition. That’s how we do things at purplePTSD.com and it’s really cool to work with similar companies as our sponsors!

So, enough out of my jibber jabbering, Here’s the Job-Description…

Below are the available shifts and types of employment (They are looking for full-time workers and Seasonal ones as well)…

Andersen Corporation’s hiring for it’s plant in Bayport, Minnesota. Bayport is about 20 miles east of downtown St. Paul and is located on the St. Croix river. Click the location to check out the location on Google Maps.

Andersen Corporation is the largest manufacturer of Windows and Doors in North America and is currently hiring for multiple manufacturing positions (Full-Time, Seasonal), see the description below and click one of the following links to access the position by type and shift.

Manufacturing Associate Position: 

Full-Time First Shift

Full-Time Second Shift

For the 2017 Season (Seasonal)

Manufacturing/Production Associate


Manufacturing employees are responsible for fabrication,supermarket, and assembly operations. Managing the flow of material throughout the plant by performing thefollowing duties:


  • Work in a safe manner and follow safe work practices and policies.  Help ensure co-workers are working safely and following safety requirements.
  • Follow all applicable procedures, Standardized Work, Control Plans, and Product Specifications.
  • Assist in identifying training needs and propose ideas to improve quality metrics.
  • Learn, understand and implement Andersen Management Systems (AMS) and continuous improvement concepts.
  • Support and participate in Employee Engagement activities.
  • Follow defined clean-up times.
  • Engage in cross-training to maintain flexibility and adaptability to support resource planning. 
  • Work to an established rate as defined by customer demand and Standardized Work.
  • Operate Power Industrial Trucks (PIT) and other material handling equipment as required.
  • Operate manufacturing equipment and use hand tools as required.
  • Participate in defining and improving standard work
  • Identify problems; communicate issues to Work Center Leads and Supervisors..
  • Assist with training co-workers.
  • Support a respectful workplace.
  • Perform other duties across the plant as needed as directed by supervision or management. 


    • High school diploma, GED or an equivalent required.
    • PIT training/fork license required for some tasks.
    • Ability to lift up to 50 pounds, perform tasks requiring repetitive motion and stand for long periods.
    • Ability to read and understand reports and a willingness to cross train on several operations.
    • Possess communication, teamwork, problem solving, and leadership skills.
    • Dependability/punctuality
    • Shift flexibility (employees typically oscillate/rotate between the first and second shift every two-weeks, but there is a need to be flexible to work a 3rd shift, 11-7, in some areas).

Competitive wages: Wages/Benefit vary by type of employment and shift. See below for the breakdown and to apply.

  1. Full-Time First Shift

Wages: starting wage for full-time manufacturing associates is $16.25 with benefits.

2 . Full-Time Second Shift

Wages: starting wage for 2nd shift is $16.54 per hour.

3. For the 2017 Season (Seasonal)

Wages: starting wage is $15.60 per hour. Shift differentials are 6% for 3-11 shift and 9% for the 11-7 shift.

Again, if you’re looking for a new job or know of anyone that is… Any sharing of this job posting helps our site (purplePTSD.com) and also Andersen Corporation which obviously is a great place to work and are clearly fans of the Vikings (Not only because of the extra ‘E’ in AndersEn)!

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The Super Bowl Experience