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Wild Card Weekend is over! The NFL saw many great games that went down to the final play this weekend, and come Monday morning, all football fans were the winners. Let’s look at what happened in each game this weekend and talk about the exciting weekend as a whole.

Colts vs Texans: Colts 21-7

The Colts really controlled this game. The game was never in doubt, and while the score makes it seem like maybe the Texans were close, they weren’t. Indianapolis’ defense controlled this game all the way through. Desean Watson was contained, and the Colts’ secondary was covering very well. The Texans Defense only surrendered 21 points, but the Colts moved the ball very well and did just enough to win, and then chewed the clock until the clock was at all 0s. The Texans truly looked like they thought this game was on Sunday.

Seahawks vs Cowboys: Cowboys 24-22

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This game may have been the final game for Old Man Janikowski. That barely played into the game, unless you were betting. This was a typical Cowboys’ game. They did just enough on offense and their defense was kept well rested and played well. Zeke ran for 130+, and the team is 10-0 when he accomplishes that feat. The Seahawks offense had to turn to the pass more, as Dallas forced them to stop running the ball. This was a truly great game, and I never felt like either team was in full control. The real story in this game was the gambling though. The Cowboys were favored by 2.5 points. The Seahawks went for with less than a minute to go and were successful in doing so. The final score would end up being only a 2-point difference, meaning if you bet the Cowboys, you lost some money on this one.

Chargers vs Ravens: Chargers 23-17

The Chargers were in complete control of this game until the 4th quarter with about 10 minutes to go. Then the Ravens made a game out of this. The Chargers were up by 20 at that point and then the Ravens came scorching back to within 6. Justin Tucker had also missed a field goal earlier, meaning this game could’ve been only 3 points. But, if you watched the game you know that the Chargers defense made the biggest play of the entire season, forcing a strip sack and closing out the game. This game showed me the Lamar Jackson might actually be able to play at this level for a few years, if he works on his accuracy a little bit.

Eagles vs Bears: 16-15 Eagles

Nick Foles is doing it again, but with some help from a kicker this time. Foles threw a short touchdown pass to Golden Tate with one minute to go in the game, and the Bears followed that up with a kickoff return to midfield. The Bears got a few chunk plays and set up Cody Parkey for a 43-yard field goal. He made the practice kick, but Eagles’ coach Doug Pederson called a timeout and iced the young kicker. He would then proceed to birth a new social media hashtag, the “double doink.”  The ball hit the left upright and bounced back onto the crossbar, looking as if it may go through. It did not. It fell into the endzone and Nick Foles took a single knee to clinch another playoff victory. Parkey’s kick was tipped, but either way the kicker will have to deal with this for the rest of his life. As a Vikings fan who has experienced this feeling myself, I will say this to Bears fans: SHOULD’VE SAT YOUR STARTERS LAST WEEK CLOWNS!

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