Ranking The Best Vikings Quarterbacks Of All-Time

Vikings QB fran tarkenton

In 1961, the Vikes, known officially as the Minnesota Vikings in the National Football League (NFL), were established and started their journey as one of the most recognized Football teams in the world.

The Vikings had the best run in their history, making the playoffs 10 times out of 11 years between the 1968 to 1978 period. The Vikings won their first NFL championship in 1969. The Bud Grant’s 1970 Viking’s defensive line was dubbed “Purple People Eaters,” producing hall of fame players like Alan Page and Carl Eller.

Vikings Quarterbacks

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Throughout, the Vikings had some great Quarterbacks playing at their side. Let’s look at the three best Vikings QBs over the years.

1. Fran Tarkenton

The former Vikings quarterback, who was born in 1940, had 18 years in the NFL.

He was one of the best quarterbacks the Vikings have ever had. In his debut game against Chicago, he came off the bench and threw four touchdowns, making history and driving the team to victory.

Fran tossed 239 touchdown passes during his stay with the Vikings, and his all-time total of 342 is still fourth in the NFL.

His throwing yardage numbers are better than those of previous Vikings, and he ranks sixth in the NFL, making him a club legend.

In comparison to his legacy, all the statistics are meaningless.

2. Joe Kapp

Joe Cap joined the Vikings in 1968 and only played three seasons for the team, but his touchdowns and yards are enough to put him in the top ten of the team’s all-time greats.

He wasn’t glamorous, but he was a tough and determined player. He led his team to both the first-ever playoffs and the first-ever Super Bowl.

Kapp famously declined his MVP title in 1969, claiming that the roster had 40 MVPs and that no one should be elevated above the team. While there were other players in the team, Kapp was the best of leadership.

3. Daunte Culpepper

Daunte was drafted by the Vikings in 1999, but he spent the entire season on the bench. In 2000, he made his Viking debut in his first game.

The first performance was nothing short of a mind-blowing event. He threw 33 touchdown passes while leading the Vikings to the NFC title game.

He had exceptional arm strength and the ability to run that helped him to score seven rushing touchdowns in (2000) and 10 in (2002).

In 2005, during a scramble, he was taken down and suffered a knee injury, and he was never able to be the same player as before.

He had career yardage of (20,162) and a total of (132) touchdowns, making him 3rd on the Vikings’ all-time list.

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