Purple Tirade: Guidelines, Instructions, & Prompt

U.S. Bank Stadium
Aug 28, 2020; Eagan, Minnesota, USA; A general view of U.S. Bank Stadium before the Minnesota Vikings practice. Mandatory Credit: Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

Valued reader: Here is your opportunity to get your writing published! The leadership at Purple PTSD wants to offer an opportunity for readers to give back to the site. As a result, the monthly Purple Tirade has been born.  

In essence, the Purple Tirade will involve readers responding to a writing prompt shared by our Purple PTSD Managing Editor. Readers who like writing can feel free to respond and send in their submission. The best of the bunch will end up getting published on PurplePTSD.com as the featured Purple Tirade Author. If you like, we can also include a shout out to your Twitter account on the official Purple PTSD and Vikings Territory Twitter accounts.  

Now, we have some rules and expectations. Failing to adhere to them could lead to being disqualified from that month’s competition. Read carefully: 

  • Submissions should be 500 words or less. The complete text needs to be included in the email itself. We will not open any attachments.   
  • Unsuccessful submissions will not receive any notification from the company.  
  • We retain the right to gently edit or adjust the successful submission for clarity and coherence.  
  • By sending us your submission, you are giving us permission to publish it. Any revenue that is generated from the piece remains solely with Purple PTSD.  
  • We do not accept any profanity, derogatory, or otherwise offensive writing.  
  • We heartily encourage strong opinions, but there must still be respect for the players and staff (which is to say nothing of the good folks here at Purple PTSD

The submission should be sent to tirade@purpleptsd.com

The plan is for the monthly prompt for the Purple Tirade to drop on the FIRST FRIDAY of the month. Entries are due on the THIRD FRIDAY of the month. We will then publish the successful submission on the FOURTH FRIDAY.

This month, we’re behind, so please forgive us for getting the dates a little off. With that said, here is your prompt:

Based on the opening weeks of the season, explain why the Vikings will or won’t make the playoffs. 

Happy writing! The due date for submissions is Friday, Oct. 29.