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Still getting used to football being on all day Sunday, and teams are still getting used to playing football on Sunday. There were some great performances and some not so great performances. Week two left us with a lot of unanswered questions. 

“How good are the packers?”

“Can the Vikings fix their pass protection?”

“How good is Lamar Jackson?”

“#dannydimes time?” 

  1. The New England Patriots(0) 

Not much to say, the result was expected. 

      2.  Kansas City Chiefs(+1)

the Chiefs fought back expectedly after falling behind early against the Raiders. Patrick Mahomes is putting in his bid for a repeat MVP trophy already.

      3. Dallas Cowboys(+1) 

Dak and the Cowboys look legit, injury can still happen but they started the season off just right. 

      4. Los Angeles Rams(+1) 

the Rams offense hasn’t been isn’t usual self, but the defense has stepped up in big ways in each of the last two games. 

      5. Baltimore Ravens(+7) 

The Ravens have had maybe the easiest opening schedule you could ask for. First win was commanding, but the second game saw the defense slip a little bit to a solid rookie QB. Their first real test comes this week against the Chiefs. 

      6. Houston Texans(+1)

it was an awkward game for the Texans, but divisional games never really go smoothly. As long as Watson can continue his play the Texans will be a threat. 

     7. Seattle Seahawks(+4)

Not having to face Big Ben for a full game made last week’s game easier. The now 2-0 Seahawks are flying under the radar as a threat to the NFC. 

    8. Green Bay Packers(+6)

If it wasn’t for a mind numbing amount of Minnesota Vikings mistakes the Packers would be facing a lot of tough questions. They were shut down after the first few minutes of the second quarter. The defense although,  is definitely better than last years. 

    9. Los Angeles Chargers(0)

It was an ugly loss for the Chargers on Sunday, a game that no fan thought they would lose. It’s still early in the season and plenty of time left to make up for it. 

    10. Chicago Bears(0)

If not for absolutely gut wrenching officiating the bears would have lost. Nagy has some serious work to do with that offense. Good thing the defense is able to hold offenses to less than twenty points. 

    11. Minnesota Vikings(-2)

What an ugly first half for the Vikings. They made more mistakes than I could count on my hands and feet. good thing is they battled back, and all of their mistakes are easily fixable ones. 

    12. Philadelphia Eagles(-6) 

Missing both of your top wide receivers at the same time doesn’t bode well for anyone. This game wasn’t pretty either, both teams struggle while the eagles lost some key players in the process. 

   13. New Orleans Saints(-11)

Teddy Bridgewater struggled in the absence of Drew Brees. With a full week of practice under his belt he should do better, but with Brees the Saints are just an average team. 

    14. Cleveland Browns(+1)

Odell Odell Odell. He reminded us why he is one of the best receivers in the NFL. Even with Bakers struggles Beckham put on a show. While losing Njoku is less than ideal they have enough weapons to replace his production. 

    15. Buffalo Bills(+4)

Josh Allen and his unorthodox way of winning is fun to watch, but it will not work against elite teams. This team has controlled the second half in both of their games offensively and defensively.

     16. Atlanta Falcons(+1) 

The Falcons have started their annual injury carousel. They just can’t seem to escape the injury bug. Their offensive line issues were highlighted in last week’s game and will be a problem going forward. 

      17.  San Francisco 49ers(+3)

Beating the Bengals isn’t a big feat, but the 49ers were able to dominate which is a key sign for any good team. 

      18. Detroit Lions(+5)

After tying with a bad team the Lions Bounce back and beat a top team. The defense stepped up and took care of business, the offensive still needs work but this was a great win for them. 

       19. Indianapolis Colts(+2)

Brissett Three touchdown game against the Titans was exactly what this team needed to get going. With the Falcons coming to town they’re going to need a repeat performance from the Quarterback. 

       20. Tennessee Titans(-2)

Just when the Titans look ready to take the next step into being a good team they lose a divisional game where their defense was not up to the task. 

       21. Pittsburgh Steelers(-8) 

Ben Rothelisberger  is out for the rest of the year. This is really bad news for an offense that struggled with him in it. It could be a tough season for the Steelers, and it’s even worse now because they spent what could end up being a top 10 pick on a slot corner. 

      22. Carolina Panthers(-6)

Until Cam Newton is fully healthy this team isn’t going anywhere, and until they get rid of Norv Turner they will be stuck. 

      23. Arizona Cardinals(+3) 

It’s just a matter of time before the Cardinals get their first win. They were competitive in both of their two games and did well against a solid Ravens defense. 

      24. Washington Redskins(+3)

Case Keenum and Terry Mclaurin make an unexpectedly good tandem. Keenum has done well with what he’s been handed meaning Haskins May have to wait longer to play. 

      25. Tampa Bay Buccaneers(+5) 

Great bounce back win for Winston and Co. this was a much needed win with a much needed boost from the defense. 

      26. Oakland Raiders(-1) 

The raiders started hot last week but eventually fizzled out against a tough Chiefs team. They get a big boost to the offensive line with Richie Incognito returning from suspension, hopefully Jacobs can become healthy soon too

      27. Jacksonville Jaguars(+2)

Despite all the fumbles Minshew didn’t play terribly. They actually had a shot at winning that game. This could be an encouraging sign for a lowly Jaguars team. 

      28. Denver Broncos(0) 

Flacco is the Quarterback the NFL thought he was. He had a bad matchup against a great bears defense, but the Broncos are gonna be hoping for a big game out of their Quarterback very soon. 

     29. Cincinnati Bengals(-3)

Another team that’s seems to be cursed by the injury bug. This team seemed to have a fighting spirit in week one but that was long gone by week two. 

     30. New York Jets(-8)

The Jets are a mess and it’s fun to watch. Sam Darnold is looking at missing a lot of time, Adams is frustrated and Thomas was injured in his first game. It’s going to be a very long season in New York for Adam Gase. 

     31. The New York Giants(0). 

#dannydimes. The beginning of an era. That is all. 

     32. Miami Dolphins(0) 

Are the Dolphins the worst team of all time? Are they trying to be on purpose? Two absolutely pitiful performances  back to back, and they traded a young promising player. Miami is sure embracing the title as the worst team in the NFL.

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      Still getting used to football being on all day Sunday, and teams are still getting used to playing football on Sunday. There were some great performa
      [See the full post at: Power ranking:week three]

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      puck1384Joe Johnson
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      Still don’t think the Packers are anywhere above 15.

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      I agree with Joe~ Packer got lucky vs the Vikings as they shot themselves in the foot ~ Had nothing much to do with the Packers ~ Vikings should have still won that games as bad as they played as a team ~

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      I’m VERY eager to watch the Packers go up against Vic Fangio’s Broncos. The refs STOLE that game from Denver.

      Yeah, the Pack stormed to 2 TDS on Minnesota, but the third was a short field. After that, the offense came up with a BAGEL despite the Vikings making it a game.

      Pats could be looking at a 16-0 season. Saints in big trouble. Rams bore me.

      “SB” is again KC vs. NE– Like it used to be in the 90’s with SF/DALLAS

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