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  1. L.A. Rams: They played the worst game they have this year and still won.
  2. New England Patriots: A tough outing against the Bills still resulted in a blowout win.
  3. Kansas City Chiefs: The rematch with the Pats in January could look a lot different if played in Kansas City.
  4. New Orleans Saints: This team looks really good, defense isn’t the best, but the offense has too many weapons.
  5. Houston Texans: I might pick this team to beat New England or Kansas City come January.
  6. Carolina Panthers: They win in a variety of ways, offense and defense, and I like that.
  7. Minnesota Vikings: This team shoots itself in the foot, but when they don’t they can beat anyone.
  8. Chicago Bears: I just can’t buy Trubisky as a threat, but the defense is scary.
  9. L.A. Chargers: Just a good team at all positions.
  10. Philadelphia Eagles: They beat the struggling Jags in London, but they now have to dig themselves out of a hole to win the division.
  11. Green Bay Packers: The story of the Packers is always “Rodgers could’ve won the game if the rest of the team was better!” But the issue is, the rest of the team is not good.
  12. Washington Redskins: I am still uneasy buying into this team, but they keep winning so they move up.
  13. Pittsburgh Steelers: James Conner is just as good as Lev Bell, which raises the question “is Bell a system running back or is Conner just that good?”
  14. Cincinnati Bengals: This team had so much promise early, and even though they won, they have driven off a cliff into mediocrity.
  15. Baltimore Ravens: This team still has promise, but they can’t consistently play great defense or score.
  16. Seattle Seahawks: You have my attention.
  17. Denver Broncos: The Vikings were right to let Keenum go.
  18. Dallas Cowboys: They had a bye week but with Cooper joining the team, I think they will crack the top 10 soon.
  19. Indianapolis Colts: This team is Andrew Luck, and if he goes down, the whole team goes down.
  20. Jacksonville Jaguars: I dislike when athletes talk aggressive smack, like you know calling half of the quarterbacks in the NFL trash, so I am incredibly happy to see this team implode in on itself.
  21. Atlanta Falcons: The bye might help this team get healthy, and then win 7 games.
  22. Tennessee Titans: The Titans play everyone close and still might be a wild card team, so watch out.
  23. Detroit Lions: Mediocrity embodied.
  24. Miami Dolphins: The Dolphins have potential in their locker room but honestly, they might win some AFC East titles in 2 years after Brady leaves.
  25. New York Jets: Too young to win right now, but Darnold is capable of playing good football.
  26. San Francisco 49ers: Too hurt to win right now, but a high draft pick will add a key piece to a young team.
  27. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: FITZMAGIC IS BACK! Trade Winston to the Jags for a defensive piece and the Buccaneers might have a good team.
  28. Cleveland Browns: I still believe in Baker.
  29. Oakland Raiders: Gruden is making long term moves and planning on being a 5-year dynasty, but he has to hit on a lot of draft picks to make that happen.
  30. Buffalo Bills: This team needs a quarterback, and news flash: Josh Allen isn’t it.
  31. Arizona Cardinals: Wow! A win against the most banged up team in the NFL!
  32. New York Giants: WOW! They lost again!
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        L.A. Rams: They played the worst game they have this year and still won. New England Patriots: A tough outing against the Bills still resulted in a
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