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Do you remember your first car?

What was your first car like? Maybe it was a hand-me-down, or perhaps a beater that was destined to get from point A to point B. Some kids even received brand new cars altogether. I believe that the 2021 NFL draft will be similar to heading to the car dealership. And I’ve got great news Vikings fans, next year’s draft is your 16th birthday. 

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Everyone wants a shiny new car. It has hands-free calling and navigation, maybe even a sun-roof. Passerby’s necks turn hoping to catch a glimpse of the cherry red paint as it dazzles to the finish line. In the upcoming draft, Trevor Lawrence is that car. 


His style of play and his ability to improvise is what propelled him to the number one spot in many mock drafts. Everyone and their mother wants an opportunity to land Lawrence and his unique game. The Clemson quarterback is tantalizing, and many scouts expect the team that finishes with the worst record to receive the best quarterback. 


This Vikings team is a lot better than their record indicates. Their collection of one-point losses has been a gut punch for all involved. We’re too good to win less than four games. Playing poorly enough for the first overall pick is not how I see the season-ending. 


Comparing that situation to my analogy; I’m the car salesman and you don’t have enough cash for the new car. It’s tough, but Vikings fans have to start looking at something different. Me being the great car salesman that I am, I bring you over to something more plausible. 


I get it, missing out on the new car sucks, but I have a deal for you; a truck. A really big fucking truck. Let’s get you a truck with all the horsepower you could dream of and something that keeps the entire family safe. 


The player/truck I want is Penei Sewell. The guy is 6-foot-6 330 pounds. That big body screams potential. If the Vikings can target and draft Sewell, they might just shore up their offensive line. Sewell has all the talent in the world, and I’m going to sell you on him over a first-round quarterback. 


My God.

In this play, he handles the double team, checks the linebacker for a blitz, and then peels back for blood. The IQ, the strength, and pure talent are all on display. Those with insider knowledge believe he’s one of the most polished offensive linemen to come out of college football in a decade. 


Former Bears and Oregon Ducks offensive lineman Kyle Long had nothing but praise for his alma mater’s star left tackle. “If you’re teaching a bunch of young offensive linemen, the last thing you want to do is put on No. 58′s film because it looks so damn easy,” Long said. 


Sewell’s combination of athleticism and tenacity is exactly what this team needs moving forward. I really liked what I saw from the offensive line in the Seattle game. So much so, that I believe drafting Sewell wouldn’t fix the offensive line, but bolster it. 



All the tape I’ve been lucky enough to see points me in the direction that this guy will be an absolute star. One that has a terrifically high ceiling. The one downside, and seriously, I mean the one single downside is that Sewell will not suit up in the 2020 college football season due to COVID-19. But I believe he’s done enough to prove himself as a top-five pick in next year’s draft. 


This is a guy that has a Hemi under the hood, and as your car salesman, I can guarantee that Vikings fans will be getting the most bang for their buck. Happy 16th birthday, all that’s left is finishing out the season and signing the paperwork. 

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