Patriots Comeback and Win Super Bowl in Overtime. Brady is Officially the Best Ever.


What. A. Game.

If you read my halftime write up, you’ll know that I, like many people watching the game, didn’t give the Patriots much of a chance at that point. I will give myself some credit by saying that I did say that if any team could comeback from the 21-0 (or subsequent 28-3) deficit, it’d be Brady’s Pats. I also did pick the Patriots to win in my Super Bowl prediction post (which was hacked and subsequently deleted, I know, this site is crazy), so, I guess, I was wrong on every front? Or was right and shouldn’t have questioned myself? I’m not actually asking, just jotting down my thoughts in preparation for this week’s therapy session.


I did pick the Pats to win, though. By a score of 27-21 (Not far off from the 34-28 final score) and really just thought that the experience that Brady and Belichick have (And what that experience means, especially for Brady) would be hard to beat, especially as the Falcons are a pretty young team. If you read my half-time write up, you’d have seen that I was surprised how that experience appeared to backfire on the Pats, who were playing a gear or two slower than the Falcons. However, as experience often can do, it ended up coming through in the end, as did the down-time that the Super Bowl’s half-time allows. While this game will be dissected for years to come, it’s hard not to put this up there as a top at least five Super Bowl ever.

And with that, really, is there any question that Tom Brady is the best ever? I’m 32, and I do remember Joe Montana. I remember the aura that surrounded him, and watching games with my dad and his friend Tefre when I was like 4 (Back when my nickname was “Sapolu”), but don’t really remember “The catch” or the “Drive”. Although, I know the story of those moments well enough to see how Brady has both mirrored and in tonight’s game, surpassed them.

I know, Brady is easy to hate. He’s got everything. I like to call him the anti-me. Especially with his recent foray into the political realm, he’s become an easy target for lazy people, like those who actually protested him for supporting “Fascism” this week in Houston. While, I’m not a large Trump guy, by any stretch, I highly doubt that Mr. Brady spends his free time reading Hannah Arendt, and while I understand that that’s part of the problem, it’s just too much for any reasonable person to really agree with and is the type of counterproductive behavior that bothers me from my generation. But, this was about the Super Bowl, wasn’t it? Oh yeah, my point is, people hate winners. Building up people then tearing them down is an American past-time, and when someone refuses to be torn down people begin to resent them.

I just can’t believe what I just witnessed. Sure, the Patriots had come back in the Super Bowl before, but 25 points? 31 unanswered points? This was a Vikings level collapse by the Falcons, who I can’t help but feel for. As I’m writing this I’m watching Brady kneel on the field and I honestly wonder if he even believes any of this is real. Whether or not he exists in an objective reality or if he’s some Neo from the Matrix type figure that is simply shaping reality around his desires It’s really rare to see one person be this good at so many things, so, again, I get why people dislike him. But I just can’t, he’s just too good (the fact that he’s a Big Ten player doesn’t hurt, either).

That makes five (or as I call it, a Coon Rapids Dozen) for Brady, who is now definitely going to be considered the best of all time by everyone outside of the Manning family. We as fans should be grateful that we’ve been able to witness this level of excellence for this period of time, if for nothing else just because of the amazing theater that has surrounded these teams/games and the entertainment we’ve been able to gleam from it. In a post-season that has been labeled as boring and noncompetitive, Brady and company may have just given us the best Super Bowl ever. So, with that, I just have to say…

Congrats, Brady. You earned it.

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