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For a while during the 2017 season, I actually believed that the Vikings were capable of doing something that I wasn’t really ever sure that’d I’d ever see in my lifetime and that did not only reach the Super Bowl but also win the game that the team hadn’t reached in my lifetime. Clearly, that didn’t happen, as the upstart Philadelphia Eagles rode their underdog status to a world championship, but the team definitely made believers of more than just me and that’s something that could mean great things for next season as well. Now that the Eagles have done the unthinkable and upset the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl a lot of Vikings faithful think that perhaps the Vikings may be the next ring-less team in the NFL to finally win a championship, but what are the people in Las Vegas saying? While that’s not a predictor of actual future success, it does show where each team lies with as much time until the next Super Bowl as we’ll get, so let’s take a look at the top Super Bowl favorites for Super Bowl 53.

As expected, the New England Patriots are favored to not only repeat as AFC Champs (they’ve been in seven straight AFC Championship games) but to actually win the Super Bowl as well. While they were bested by the Eagles earlier this month it wasn’t because of the play of their quarterback, Tom Brady, who broke his own record for the most passing yards in a Super Bowl game with 505 yards. According to, the Patriots have +700 odds to win the Super Bowl, which makes them the favorite. They’re followed by the actual Super Bowl champs, the Philadelphia Eagles, who are +1000 and will have their MVP-candidate quarterback by this time next year in Carson Wentz, which makes them even more terrifying for the teams like the Vikings that are hoping to get over the hump next season.

What’s difficult about making bets or creating odds right now is that there is just so much up in the air about next season. There’s the draft, free agency, injuries, etc. So, the Vikings’ odds could change dramatically in the coming weeks if they’re able to land Kirk Cousins, who has shown interest in joining the Vikings (It’s actually being reported that the Vikings are his team of choice). Considering that the Vikings are without an offensive coordinator or quarterback on their roster as of the writing of this article makes it surprising that they’re listed so highly in the odds, but when you have a defense that’s as good as the Vikings defense showed it can be, you’ll always be in the conversation. The Vikings’ odds are +1600, which makes them the second best team in the NFC… North, as the Packers have +800 odds, followed by the Pittsburgh Steelers who have +1400 odds.

Should the Vikings land Kirk Cousins you’d think that they’d be the favorites to win the NFC North for the third time in four years, as Cousins would be a dramatic step up from any QB that they currently have on their roster. Beyond that, the offense will benefit from the return of Dalvin Cook at running back and also from the pieces they’ll be able to pick up in free agency and the draft. They definitely need to keep pace with the Eagles and you’d think that that’s what makes Cousins so attractive, as he’s intimately familiar with the Eagles’ organization as a (now former) member of the NFC East and he’s got the type of stats that you don’t typically see in a young free agent quarterback. Some have gone as far as to say the opportunity the Vikings have in signing Cousins may be a once in a generation situation, as most teams wouldn’t let a QB of Cousins’ caliber just leave and while some say that that’s a knock against Cousins, it’s more of a perfect example that the Redskins are the worst run team in the league. So, stay tuned for all the rumors surrounding Cousins, the Vikings interview with the Eagles QB Coach for the offensive coordinator position and the ever-changing odds for next year’s Super Bowl! It’s gonna be a great off-season!