My Prediction for Vikings vs. Detroit II: Golden Tate’s Revenge



I feel uneasy about the game tomorrow. More so than usual.

The Super Bowl Experience

I mean, on paper, I guess we should be elated. We’re 3-2 (should be 4-1), they’re 1-5. The only team they beat was by 3 points, against a team with a Quarterback the fanbase literally is implying they want dead.

jaycutlershirtBut, they do have weapons. They’re just Detroit. And, it’s a divisional game. And our team is basically becoming Denver light.

Think about it. We have a great defense. We’re pitching shutouts into the 3rd quarter. We get turnovers, sometimes. We put pressure on the QB, sometimes. But most importantly, we keep our team in the game.

Neither loss from this season has been a blow out. Despite the sheer ineptitude during the San Francisco game (in which the announcer blatantly said the second half had to be better, it couldn’t get worse), we had a chance. If I recall correctly, by the end of it I was too busy listening to “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road” inside of my running car, inside my closed garage.

Just kidding. I don’t like Elton John. Point being. We have a great defense. But our offense is becoming a problem.

We seem to move down the field okay, sometimes. But we can’t consistently get into the end zone. Remember last year when Asiata would put up 3 TD/Yards a game? What happened? We have the most powerful RB EVER, we have a talented TE with hands big enough to open two jars of pickles at the same time, we have Zach Line, who is batting 1.00 in touches to touchdowns.

But we stall. Or Teddy throws an INT on a misguided play call that is typically a generic fade route. I don’t know if we’re trying to force the ball to Wallace to justify his salary/placate him. Or if Norv only feels comfortable calling sideline plays to limit INT’s (how’s that working?). But, it’s not working.

We need to run more plays that allow for yards after the catch. Not button hooks for first downs. We have playmakers, we have guys with speed. Check Diggs’ college tape. He’s amazing. Shit, I just said “tape”. I’ve become everything I hate.

Not to mention the aforementioned Wallace. If we can’t get him the ball down the field, get him the ball in other ways. But, those ways should allow for him to actually use his speed. Not simply fall out of bounds or be facing the wrong direction when he catches the damn ball.

When it comes to the defensive side of the ball as far as passing is concerned. Week 2 was a clinic. We shut down Megatron, as we typically do. I’m sure when Johnson has a fever dream he sees Harrison Smith.

While they did put up 37 last week, I’m not afraid of no ghost. And the ghost is the collective dead hopes and dreams of every sports loving child in the Detroit Metropolitan area. So, 2 kids. Because, Detroit. (Red Wings notwithstanding… I won’t lie to you, I’m a Wings fan… I know, I know, but there’s a salary cap in the NHL now, so… Leave me alone).

We need to run. We will. Adrian Peterson averages 120 and a TD against the Lions. And he’s pent up. Let him win this for us, and let us move our concern about Teddy and the passing game to next week. When we play the Bears… So maybe we can push that 2 weeks out, when we play the Rams. That’s the game where we’ll need Teddy to air it out.

When it comes to this week, however. I do think we will win. But I don’t think it’ll be an easy game. Who knows, perhaps we’ll take all of this dysfunction and aforementioned pent up aggressiveness and explode. Look at how we bounced back from week 1 against the Lions on week 2.

We started that game better than any other so far this season. So, hopefully we can do that again. But, I’m not much for making predictions as every single one I’ve ever made has backfired. So, instead, let’s just say that I’m feeling a close win. It is on the road, we have improved in that regard but it’s still an issue, it’s a divisional game. We haven’t won a divisional road game since the Reagan Administration. So, let’s call it a 3 pt. game.

Blair Walsh. We believe in you.

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The Super Bowl Experience