The same day that I wrote about the fact that Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer told reporters that he told Michael Floyd that he’d cut him if he found out that the tea thing wasn’t true, the NFL decided to law down the law as well and served Michael Floyd with a four-game suspension for his December “extreme-DUI” case in Arizona. While that sounds like bad news for Floyd, considering the Kombucha-Incident (I just realized I’ve been spelling Kombucha wrong this entire time, which raises the question… What have I been drinking?) this was actually the best case scenario for Floyd.

Many people thought that he could end up suspended for eight games and that he wouldn’t make the team if that happened, so considering the fact that he was suspended for the amount of games that the Vikings had to have assumed he was going to be when they signed him, this pretty much solidifies the fact that he will make the team (if he stays away from Kombucha that is). The news was first reported by ESPN’s last employee, Field Yates:

It was also quickly confirmed by the Vikings themselves. So, again, this is the best case scenario and while I still have my doubts about his ability to stay sober, this is super encouraging news for the Vikings pass game (again, should nothing awful happen during the rest of the off-season or training camp, Koren Robinson style). The idea of having Floyd as the Vikings deep threat and a quarterback in Sam Bradford who could deliver him the ball made me all frothy earlier this off-season, so hopefully he’ll stay clean during his month off and show up ready to contribute.

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