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Is there a Viking fan in your life who has “everything”? Do you want to give them the best present possible with the holidays coming up?

In this day and age, we’re sure that if you’re adept enough at the internet to have found this site then you’re probably familiar with the monthly box industry. There are countless companies that offer a box per month of whatever you’re into. Like Comic Books? Marvel Comics has a box for you! Like nuts? Then there’s something called a “Graze” box that sends you a bunch of nuts in a box each month… Exclamation point? I guess? Although if I’m ever excited about a bunch of almonds showing up in the mail then it might be time for me to call it a day.

Which will you get?

The cool news is that the idea of mystery boxes has expanded to the realm of sports, or in this instance, Vikings fandom! I’ll let our friends over at Total Sports Enterprises explain, but before I do that I want to remind you to use our discount code: PurplePTSD for 5% off this already heavily discounted lot or for 30% off EVERYTHING on!

Click HERE to enter and use discount code PurplePTSD for 30% off most items on their site and for 5% off the mystery box!

They have a TON of other great Vikings memorabilia that our code works on, as well! So feel free to peruse all their signed jerseys, ticket stubs, pictures, helmets and more!

From their site:

What’s in the box?  Could it be a Purple People Eaters signed jersey valued at  $399?  Maybe an Adam Thielen jersey valued at $209? Maybe a Xavier Rhodes signed jersey valued at over $150?  

It’s a Mystery! Many high-end jerseys have been added or quantities raised: Thielen, Diggs, PPE, H. Smith

You can cancel at any time! Limited Pricing for the first 70 people!

What’s not a mystery is the value you will receive, and that there are only 70 available for subscription. This Mystery Box is $84.00 with free shipping and you are guaranteed a signed jersey valued at almost double the value.  There are many signed jerseys valued at over $160 and even 3 valued at $399.99!

Subscription details: An autographed custom jersey will be delivered to your house (free shipping) every month. You will be charged monthly. You can cancel at any time!

Please see any jersey on our website for details of the custom jerseys.

Important Note:  Mystery Box sales are final, no returns can be accepted.  No discounts allowed.

Possible Jersey Pulls:

Thielen Adam College 2

Thielen Adam Inverted 1

Thielen Adam Purple 2

Thielen Adam White 2

Smith Harrison Flag 2

Smith Harrison Purple 4

Carter Cris Purple       1

Cousins Kirk Purple    1

Diggs Stefon Purple        8

Diggs Stefon Purple w/ Stats   3

Bradbury Garret Purple  3

Eller, Carl Purple 1

Greenway Chad Purple 2

Griffen Everson Holiday/CR 1

Harris Anthony Inverted Yellow 3

Harris Anthony Purple 3

Henderson EJ Purple 2

Hughes Mike Color Rush/Holiday 3

Hughes Mike Purple 3

Joseph Linval Purple 1

Kendricks E Purple 2

Krause Paul Purple 1

Marshall Jim Purple 1

Mattison Alexander Purple 4

Mattison Alexander White 2

Moon Warren Purple 1

Page Alan Purple 1

Purple People Eaters (Page, Alan, Eller, Marshall) Purple 2

Reed J Purple 1

Rhodes Xavier Purple 1

Rudolph Kyle Purple 2

Smith Irv Jr Purple 1

Studwell Scott Purple 1

Waynes Trae Purple 1Williams Kevin Purple 1