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Never count out the New England Patriots as long as Bill Belichick is haunting the sidelines and Tom Brady is throwing lightning from inside the pocket. This was a team that was allegedly toasted during the season, despite the fact that they lost only five times, unheard of under the current regime, and one that was never installed as an underdog during the regular season. So, if you like to wager on the NFL or want to know how to bet then might we suggest you click on over to Sportsbook Review, a site that has all the odds from all the major online sportsbooks and a how-to guide on sports betting.

We mention this because the Patriots were supposed to be lambs to the slaughter in the AFC championship as they entered Arrowhead as underdogs for the first time all season and had a less than stellar 3-5 record away from Foxboro. But a funny thing happened in Kansas City. The long-reigning kings refused to die and go quietly into the history books as the greatest NFL dynasty in history. Tom Terrific struck early and often and the New England rushing attack was relentless, moving the chains and chewing up the clock.

It was vintage Belichick, devising a game plan that would be a slow grind and one which would keep Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs’ offense off the field for as long as possible. In other years, with a more talented corps of receivers, Belichick would welcome a shootout and let the chips fall where they may. But now the Pats are without a true deep threat after Josh Gordon left the team before Week 16 under a cloud of murky circumstances.

Belichick is a chameleon and so too are the New England Patriots. They will be whatever their opponents fear the most and, in the playoffs, their bounty of experience is unprecedented. But one last thing some are overlooking as their date with destiny, and the Los Angeles Rams, looms is that the sting of their Super Bowl loss to Philadelphia last season and the criticism levied at them during this season is being used as a source of inspiration.

After celebrating their AFC title on the field Tom Brady was caught on camera saying to wideout Chris Hogan, “I’m too old. You’re too slow. We’ve got no skill player. We’ve got no defense. We’ve got nothing.”

Regarding last year’s loss to the Eagles New England linebacker, Kyle Van Noy added, “It was just a humbling experience. I feel like defensively we didn’t play well, so it’s just humbling to go through that opportunity like that.”

Julian Edelman, Brady’s most lethal weapon in the postseason, has even gone to the extreme of making shirts that say “Bet Against Us”. And if you want to know how to bet on or against the Patriots on February 3rd then get on over to Sportsbook Review. As of this writing and with 10 days remaining until kickoff, the online sportsbooks are dealing the Patriots as 2 ½ point neutral site favorites over Jared and the Juggernauts. And from what we’ve seen in New England’s domination of the Chargers and their resolve in getting an enormous win on the road in one of the toughest venues in all of football and against the league’s most prolific offense, it’s downright absurd to think that the Rams are a lock to up-end TB12 and his band of Patriots. New England refuses to believe the naysayers and keeps on winning despite them – or perhaps more accurately – to spite them!

LA is a talented team with a gunslinger under center who is among the very best of this new generation of quarterbacks. Maybe Jared Goff and the Rams prove they are the better team and perhaps the Rams will be crowned Super Bowl champs. But we wouldn’t bet against Tom Brady with your money.

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