Looking for Single Game Tickets? Best bet would be StubHub or Vivid Seats


This off-season I’ve had a few conversations in which we’ve tried (me and the bus driver ignoring me) to estimate how much single game tickets may be in the new stadium. I found it odd that we hadn’t gotten any information about that yet, but figured that the team would release that information as the season drew near.

This morning I came across a topic on Reddit that stated the the team would NOT be selling single game tickets, at all. So I decided to reach out to the team directly.


This is the response I received:

85% of the new stadium will be season tickets, still figuring out our single game process/availability. Considering the stadium seating is going to be held by a vast majority of season ticket holders, your best bet would be to go through StubHub, etc. 

I checked out Stubhub and it looks like tickets are already on-sale for some of the games this year. The prices aren’t as bad as I expected, either, if you don’t mind sitting in the upper-deck. Some of the lower-deck seats are INSANELY priced, though. Like, more money than I made in 2015 per seat, expensive (to be fair, though, one could say the same about the St. Paul Saints pricing).

So, if you want to buy some tickets or laugh nervously at how this country is becoming an oligarchy, here are a couple places you can go:



Vivid Seats


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