This is the first episode of the SKOLd Folks Home Podcast, a show for the mature Minnesota Vikings fan (or the young fan that wants to learn more about the early Vikings days!) that covers Vikes history and current events, as well! The show is hosted by Joe Johnson, owner of and who is the young(ish) member of the show, it also has Bob Johnson and Wayne the “Vikings Genius” who were born in the 50’s and remember the early days/heyday of the Vikings. The show covers Vikings history, controversies (“The Push Off”), etc.), Best teams, Best players and also current events! Our goal is to provide a show for those who have been fans since the Vikings formed in 1961 while also covering the current team/games/seasons!

If you’re a hardcore life-long Vikings fan this is the show for you! On this episode we discuss the current team, the Keenum vs. Bridgewater vs. Bradford situation, the “Best Team Ever”, how the current defense stacks up to the “Purple People Eaters”, Wayne and Bobs’ first Vikings memories and much, much more!

We’re hoping to get some former players on the show as well so definitely subscribe and wait for some awesome interviews and perspectives!


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