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Jack and Jordan look ahead to the Dolphins game, talk about playoffs, and experience technical difficulties! Enjoy!

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My name is Jordan Hawthorn. I am a sports journalism major at Northern Kentucky University. I have always been a Vikings fan, as my dad and grandfather were before me. SKOL!
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      Jack and Jordan look ahead to the Dolphins game, talk about playoffs, and experience technical difficulties! Enjoy!
      [See the full post at: Load the Box: Dolphins Edition]

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      Stefanski is the right man for the job~He was when JD was hired~I think Kirk needs to feel the flow of the game is going the Vikings way~He doesn’t need a big fix~If Stefanski can {{{ I believe he will }}} get the running game going just a little bit I think Good Kirk shows up ~ They have the RB’s in Murray and Cook~

      That being said Spielman and Zimmer need to take some shots on the offensive side of the draft in the rounds 1~3 for the next couple of years~IMHO there have always been far more busts on offense than defense and I’m not talking for just the Vikings~I’m talking each year for the whole NFL~Your thoughts on this~???

      Hawks game was a hard one to watch for a lot of reasons~There was some missed calls and bad calls~

      IMHO Norv was coaching to be Johnny on the spot~The offense sucks and the Vikings are losing so Zimmer gets fired in mid-season and Norv who has been an HC gets the job and his Son who was the QB coach moves up to OC~Yeah I felt that what when Norv was the HC~I wouldn’t be shocked if the Panthers fire their HC I could see this playing out ~

      I’m not sure if the Vikings make the playoffs and no its not because of JB being fired and Stefanski replacing him~It would be because Stefanski didn’t have a full offseason to install his offense that I believe will favor Shums~He saw what it did for all of the players last year that are still here and will be over the next couple of years~

      I love Cook also~But don’t overlook what Murray did last year~He is a proven talent and will be missed IMHO when he leaves as a FA after the season~Use him while you can~Like Cook~Murray is very good in the passing game~I think Stefanski finds a way to use them both~Both a equally good in the passingrunning game~

      Bear will be a different team in 2019~Packers will keep sucking because Rogers will have to much input on who the next HC is and then his imput on who the OC should be and, as a whole going forward~The Loins are the Lions~

      The defense is in good hands no matter who is calling the plays~No way Zimmer is fired~Just no way~Whoever fires him should be fired himself~Now it the Vikings fall on their a$$ in 2019 then maybe~

      Something I would love to see with Waynes back and Rhodes seeming healthy I would love to see Holton Hill get more time on KO’s~The kid can fly and showed it in the preseason and the few chances he has had in the regular season~

      As for the miracle play, Diggs wins hands down~

      Thielen will be just fine~The change in OC should and IMHO will make all the difference for him and Diggs~

      I dont play fantasy football so I’m out of hrere~

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