Kirk Cousins: Cumulative Rankings by the Numbers Since Joining the Vikings

Kirk Cousins / Kellen Mond
May 26, 2021; Eagan, Minnesota, USA; Minnesota Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins (8) and quarterback Kellen Mond (11) participate in drills at OTA at TCO Performance Center. Mandatory Credit: Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

Daunte Culpepper, Wade Wilson, Tommy Kramer, and Fran Tarkenton — Kirk Cousins will join the company of those men this September, barring a strange injury. Those are the Minnesota Vikings quarterbacks that have started Week 1 games in four consecutive games since the franchise’s inception.

Pictured in the heading of this article is Kellen Mond. He’s the Vikings heir apparent should the Cousins experiment go pear-shaped in 2021 or 2022. Why is he there? Well, the Vikings front office and fans of the team are not merrily indebted to Cousins as those associated with Russell Wilson or Patrick Mahomes might be. So, Cousins has a pivotal season upcoming, paving the way for an eventual Cousins or Mond talking point that will assuredly engulf all of Minnesota before too long.

The following numbers are a simple look at Cousins’ rankings among other quarterbacks since he arrived Minneapolis in 2018. They should offer context as to why the Vikings invest so much salary cap in the 32-year-old while pointing out a few of Cousins’ shortcomings.

  • 1st in Gms w/At Least 1 Passing TD
  • 2nd in Completion %
  • 3rd in Gms w/110+ Passer Rating
  • 4th in 50+ Yard Passing TDs
  • 4th in 60+ Yard Completions
  • 5th in Passing TDs
  • 5th in Gms w/3+ Passing TDs
  • 5th in Gms w/200+ Yards Passing
  • 5thin Gms w/100+ Passer Rating
  • 5th in 50+ Yard Completions
  • 6th in 40+ Yard Passing TDs
  • 6th in Gms w/ 2+ Passing TDs
  • 6th in Gms w/120+ Passer Rating
  • 6th in 60+ Yard Passing TDs
  • 7th in Passer Rating
  • 7th in TD-to-Attempt %
  • 7th in 25+ Yard Completions
  • 8th in Completions
  • 8th in Pass Attempts
  • 8th in Gms w/300+ Yards Passing
  • 9th in Passing Yards
  • 10th in INT %
  • 10th in 40+ Yard Completions
  • 11th in Yards per Pass Attempt
  • 13th in Passing Yards/Gm
  • 19th in Rushing Yards (for QBs)
  • 22nd in Rushing TDs (for QBs)
  • Sacked 5th Most in NFL
  • Fumbled 7th Most