Netflix casts Kevin James as one of the Vikings’ biggest enemies

They say now is the best time in the history of entertainment to be an actor. With the streaming service wars bolstered by the stay-at-home orders that COVID wrought, people had more time than ever to sit down in front of their devices and binge their favorite shows or movies. That means that seemingly every script gets a green-light, with the subject of today’s article perhaps being the best example of that. 

Kevin James, comedic actor who is best known for the Paul Blart movies and the television show ‘King of Queens’ has been reportedly cast to portray New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton in an upcoming Netflix movie titled ‘Home Team’ (sounds like the worst madlib results ever).

That’s right. They’re making a movie about the season in which Payton had to coach his son’s 6th-grade football team as he served his one year suspension courtesy of bountygate (let’s hope there’s a sequel in which he has to call bingo because he was paying his son’s allowance only if he grievously injured the opposing child).

That makes me wonder how they’ll cover Bountygate. If Kevin James is involved I’m sure he’ll be his typical faux-lovable oaf, which doesn’t scream the conniving, cheating, lying, and sad person that Payton actually is. Unless they have Adam Sandler play Brett Favre? 

“My ankle-stop looking at me, swan!”

A Release date hasn’t been announced so we won’t know what day to not watch it as Vikings fans, but the fact that they’re turning an actual verifiable cheating scandal into a fun-loving family comedy irks me. Granted, this could be a more dramatic turn from James who… I’m totally kidding, that wouldn’t make sense. 

I covered all the plays in which the Saints cheated in the 2009 Championship Game after Payton tried to bemoan his punishment last season and in the process whitewash history. 

Read that here:

So, unless the arc here is that James/Payton become a better coach and father with periodic knee-slappers? I just may have to re-post the above article once a month forever so people never forget 2009 while trying to forget every Kevin James movie. 

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