There are Vikings podcasts (Like ours, The purpleJOURNAL Podcast) and then there’s the PurpleFTW! Podcast. If you wanted to compare Vikings podcasts to the film industry, PurpleFTW! would be Disney (and The purpleJOURNAL Podcast would be a hobo who found a camcorder). It was downloaded over 1 million times last year and is even bigger this year. So, it was an amazing honor to be on the show with host Andy Carlson and I will be guesting on the show again this summer and potentially on a fairly regular basis after that!

We talk about what our mission is here at, from the origin of the name to how amazing our readers are, from Coach Zimmer’s eyeball issues to what Laquon Treadwell’s apparent emergence in OTA’s means for the Vikings offense… I was going to say “Give it a listen” but if you’re a big enough fan to be on I’m guessing you already have. My interview is at the end!

The Super Bowl Experience

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The Super Bowl Experience