I have a confession to make…


So. I started watching the game yesterday, late. The first play I saw was the Calvin Johnson catch on Sendejo/Smith. So, angry, I turned it to the movie “Still Alive”, a the Oscar vehicle for Julianne Moore. I actually had never heard of it, so I caught the first 10 minutes blind.

I flipped back to the game, hoping that my absence would bring good news (similar to the New Orleans game in 2009. Everytime we turned the ball over I stormed upstairs from my parents basement TV room, took an Ambien and sat alone, in the dark. My dad kept yelling “IT’S NOT OVER, GET DOWN HERE!”, I’d go back, we’d turn it over again, I’d go upstairs and take another Ambien. It didn’t end up working out then, but I did sleep for 2 days, and by sleep I mean I struggled to stay alive after taking 6-7 Ambiens). It didn’t.


After going up 14-6 I basically said, you know what? F this. I can’t handle this. So. My confession is that I didn’t actually watch the game live. I am watching it now. Because I have a DVR. Which would’ve been impressive in 2007.

From what I can see so far, the Lions had gimmick plays in their choreographed first 2 drives that worked. I know that I heard the announcer say something about us being a top 3 defense towards the end of the game after we made the proper adjustments and shut them down for most of the rest of the game.

But still. Slow starts on the road can be a killer, and we need to address that. But, I can’t complain. We had a great game from what I ascertained from the 15 seconds of coverage we got on NFL Gameday Final. Where they said the “Vikings are a Quiet 4-2” ironically, because we’re a quiet 4 and 2 because they don’t talk about us, which they said while not talking about us.

I will have more of my famous sardonic analysis after I watch the rest of the game. But I just wanted to be honest with you peeps. I’m in a good mood. But, as is my brain, being 4-2 just means that I’m still angry that we’re not 5-1, or realistically 6-0. We were so close against Denver and that San Francisco game didn’t count. So. I’m never happy.

I’ll be back!

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