He Has Risen! Teddy Bridgewater Accidentally Uploads Video of Him Throwing and Looking GREAT!


Last night Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer told the host on SiriusXM’s NFL channel that Vikings quarterback Teddy Bridgewater was still only doing resistance training in a pool and that “No one knows when he’ll be back”, now we discussed this on the purpleJOURNAL Podcast last night and our co-host, Luke Braun speculated that the Vikings could be misleading the public/other teams about Teddy’s recovery to essentially keep people in the dark on our draft moves.

Well, all of that changed just now when somehow Teddy uploaded this video from his phone to his instagram:


Now, you can tell that it’s recent as he’s wearing a brace on his injured knee/leg. And it’s just one throw but it’s really, really ahead of pool work and thus I should very good news for the team, the fans and really Teddy himself (Unless Zimmer dislocates his other knee for posting this).

So it’s looking like Teddy may be able to either play or at the very least suit up as the back-up at some point this season. So this is really encouraging and great a step some speculated, keyword speculated, that he’d be done forever. So, while this wasn’t the plan and I feel kinda bad posting this, it’s actually good news in the long run and doesn’t really screw anything up.

Welcome back, Teddy!

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