Per usual. I’m too broke to go buy those sad roses at Super America. So, I got to thinking about how I could thank my Mom for being my Mom today (I was out of macaroni, unfortunately) while I scoured the internet for ANY Vikings related news and it hit me. I should thank her here, as she’s pretty much the co-owner of this place by now.

She actually wrote a couple stories for the site last year, articles about being married to a Vikings fan (My Dad, obviously) and about raising a Vikings fan (Me). Those articles were lost when we switched to the software the site is on now, something she helped pay for. The site was crashing the past week because of the sheer amount of traffic we were getting, and she helped pay for the server migration as well. She’s my biggest supporter, whether it’s here or life in general. She’s always had my back, regardless of my troubles (See the last post on the homepage, about Michael Floyd’s Baggage viewed through the lens that is my own alcoholism). She’s always been my biggest fan. She’s always been the best mom imaginable.

This site is my dream. But it’s more complicated than that. It’s also me wanting to make my mom (and Dad, to a lesser extent) proud of me, to show her that all of the support she’s given me meant something and that her faith was more than just the faith a mother has by default. It’s also her dream for me. So, thank you Mom. Happy mother’s day. I’m sure I’ll pay you back, eventually and I know, yet another Mother’s day where I didn’t spend a dime… But, considering, at least I didn’t ask you to spend some dimes on my site today! Which reminds me… Nevermind, we’ll talk about it tomorrow.

Oh, and like the above picture says… Thanks for not raising me a Packers fan!

I love you!

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