Greg Jennings Apparently Wants To Come Back To Minnesota [Daily Norseman]


It’s no secret that the Minnesota Vikings are looking for help at the wide receiver position, but they’ve apparently gotten an inquiry from an unlikely source.

Per numerous sources, including Dan Hanzus of, former Vikings’ receiverGreg Jennings picked up the phone and called Rick Spielman to inquire about whether or not there might be room for him with the purple.


“I left Rick a voicemail,” said Jennings, no doubt aware Minnesota released his replacement, Mike Wallace, earlier this year. “I told (them), I’m waiting on you guys.”

“I miss being (in Minnesota). You appreciate something more when it’s taken away from you.”

Jennings has made no secret of his love for the Twin Cities. . .after the Vikings released him, he declared that he was going to stay in the Minneapolis area to raise his family. But with the Vikings being one of the league’s up-and-coming teams, it doesn’t appear likely that they’d give the 32-year old Jennings another go-around.

Yes, I know we’ve talked about the Vikings potentially reaching out to Anquan Boldin, who is nearly four years Jennings’ senior. . .but Boldin caught 69 passes last season. Jennings, who dropped to fourth on the Dolphins‘ depth chart, caught just 19. Sure, Jennings might be better than Mike Wallace at this point, but that’s damning with faint praise more than anything else.

I’m sure that Greg Jennings is a nice guy and it would be cool to run into him at the Mall of America or something. But the odds of him being successful following his phone call to Rick Spielman appear to be pretty long, in my opinion.

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