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One arm of our mini-empire that most people aren’t aware of is our podcast/YouTube show website, Which is brought to you by Manscaped (see below).

PTR has over 30 local/independent Minnesota sports podcasts that are updated every 15 minutes!

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Shows like Odds and Ends with Mike Tice, Gleeman and the Geek, Realistic Randy, every SKOR North podcast, etc .

We soon will also host every KFAN podcast, as well!

Internally, though, we have some cool/big news as we just got our flagship podcasts, Morning Joes and Three Deep w/ Wobby added to Amazon Music!

Click the following in order to find each show on Amazon, and you can also click under Three Deep to follow/subscribe on Apple Podcasts!

Morning Joes:

Three Deep w/ Wobby:

Apple Podcasts:

Speaking of Manscaped…

Just in time for No Shave November, we’ve partnered with Manscaped!

One thing people always ask me is how I manage my thick, ropey facial hair. Sure, I’ve got the bright orange beard of an Irishman who just hit puberty, but that doesn’t mean that I’m making this up because I’m insecure.

Either way, as we find ourselves on the precipice of ‘No Shave November’, we here at PurpleTERRITORY Media have an exciting announcement!

We’ve partnered with Manscaped to offer an amazing deal on ALL of their products! Click Here and use discount code 3Deep for 20% off AND free shipping on your first/next order!

That means 20% off their amazing razors, with RPMs that’ll make your Pontiac Fiero (before it bursts into flames) look like a… Pontiac Fiero (after it bursts into flames).

Or 20% off of their literal ball toner or ball deodorant, for those of us out there that burn our Pontiac Fieros because the lack of air conditioning combined with their fabric seats made it just easier for everyone that way.

Get 20% off and free shipping with code 3Deep
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