FranchiseTagged Reacts to Day 1 of the NFL Draft

Image Courtesy of the Cleveland Browns

Thursday marked the first day of the 2021 NFL Draft and we here at UFFda! Sports had all hands on deck covering the big day from every possible perspective and location. We had two of our writers at the Draft itself in Cleveland, one in the audience and the other in the media room (in Dustin Baker and Rick Sosa, respectively). Our Vikings network, and, covered things from a Vikings perspective where as our new NFL centric sites and covered things more generally (as the TDT team did a six hour live stream with yours truly).

It’s the latter site that we’re focusing on today as the FranchiseTagged fellas KILLED it when it came to covering the site from a general NFL perspective!

Let’s check out their work!

Stay tuned to and ALL of the UFFda! Sports sites tonight as the second night of drafting intrigue commences!

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