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Teddy Re-Activated, Bradford Put on IR, I’m Pondering a Relapse… (PTSD)

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    Teddy Re-Activated, Bradford Put on IR, I’m Pondering a Relapse…

    If you’ve followed purplePTSD at all you’ll know that I tend to start almost every article with (“If you’ve followed purplePTSD.com for X amount of time…) and that I’m in “recovery” (both from (some) drugs/alcohol and from being an angry Vikings fan). So, I’ve replaced drinking while watching the Vikings with sitting online and talking/writing about the Vikings during games and it’s been an interesting (and apparently successful?) exercise as I’m genuinely not used to watching this team sober in the first place and at all in the second half (I was famous for blacking out and disappearing at the Dome). Considering the team we follow, it’s been a bit difficult to take the edge off, especially in 2015 during the playoffs or in 2016 during the post-Bye collapse (or really at all, ever), so while I’m ecstatic that the current team is doing well I still have this feeling that at some point the other shoe is going to drop. The one respite from that, I figured, was the fact that Sam Bradford wasn’t on IR and thus was available to return at some point, I mean F, I just wrote an article stating that exact same thing like four days ago! So, when hearing that he was placed on IR to make room for Teddy (and apparently not because he underwent a procedure, which was the rumor Tuesday night) was a hard pill to swallow.

    Now, if you’ve followed purplePTSD at all (see?) you’ll also know that I’m a much bigger Sam guy than I am a Teddy guy and I really do believe that this Vikings team can actually make a run for a Super Bowl if they had Bradford under center. My belief really is based on the fact that Sam has shown himself to be a much more complete QB than Teddy or Case Keenum, as he can make all of the throws necessary to both play in the NFL and also take advantage of the best wide receiver duo in the NFL in Stefon Diggs and Adam Thielen. I know that he’s not as mobile as the other two, but when you look at QB’s who win championships, some of them are mobile (like Russell Wilson or Aaron Rodgers) but they also can hit receivers down the field, something neither Keenum nor Teddy have shown the ability to do on a consistent basis (yet). Now, Teddy only had two years under his belt when he went down with his injury and was showing positive strides in regard(s) to the deep ball, so I still hold out hope that he can continue his ascension and become an even more complete QB that Sam is (as he can escape better than Sam can), but at this point and with this team I do feel like Sam is the best option so it’s just really disappointing.

    Read the Rest: https://purpleptsd.com/teddy-re-activated-bradford-put-on-ir-im-pondering-a-relapse/

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