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Michael Floyd Highlight Reel

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    Now, I’ve made it pretty clear that I’m pretty hyped about Michael Floyd joining the purple and gold. I believe that he’s the offensive weapon (Well, him and Dalvin Cook) that this team desperately needed in 2016 and that he’s the definition of a high risk, low reward move. If anyone was on the fence about the Vikings commitment to winning now, or Rick Spielman’s ability as a GM. Sorry, but you’re wrong. He’s rebuilt an offensive line in one off season while not breaking the bank or mortgaging the future. He’s added two offensive weapons that could change the dynamic of the offense for a total of around $3 million for the season. He’s legitimately made the Vikings contender (On paper, my favorite kind of contender) this off-season and I think we should salute/thank him for that.

    I’ll write about this more today, but I wanted to share the lengthiest Michael Floyd highlight reel I could find that also had the quietest rap music in it. So, here it is!

    Enjoy and let us know what you think about the Vikings signing Floyd!

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