How should I feel about our o-line?

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    Remmers, Boone, Berger, Sirles, Reif

    All I can think is that it’s better than last year, but not as good as the year before.

    I do believe Kalil can be good, but it wasn’t going to happen in Minnesota, and Clemmings shouldn’t start yet/ever.

    Offensive line is such a non glorified, and under appreciated position. If it wasn’t so bad, none of us would be paying attention.

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    Joe Johnson

    Yeah, I mean, it’s non-glorified but ironically is probably the most important position GROUP on the team. I do think that, as you said on paper, this unit is better than the one we had last year and really, that’s not that hard to accomplish and doesn’t say much. So, looking at this unit as it is (Not as compared to anything else), I can say that it’s not flashy or amazing, but I do think that it’s above average at the very least and that’s something worth being semi-excited about.

    Typical Vikings fan justification. I’m excited by mediocrity? Haha. But, shizen, I’ll take what I can get and apparently this is what I’m getting. I’m holding out hope that we end up with someone like Forrest Lamp in the draft, somehow, also. That’d make this off-season look A LOT better… Speaking of Lamp, how hard did the timer at the combine when he was running his 40 yard dash have to try not to say “RUN FORREST RUN”?

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    I always worry about putting immediate faith in any drafted lineman. The position is so different in the big leagues compared to college.

    It wouldn’t shock me if, barring any more FA signings, this is our starting lineup, even if we trade to #1 overall to get a lineman.

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    Joe Johnson

    Me either, but as a few teams have shown (The Cowboys?) you can make it with young lineman, if drafted right. So, it comes down to Spielman, again. I think that this off-season will make or break his continued career with the team, for sure.

    Slick rick

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