Former Raiders RB Latavius Murray Visiting with Vikings Today


Man. I love free agency!

I said in my Eddie Lacy article less than an hour ago that we would have some resolution or at least news regarding the running back position very, very soon. Apparently I was at least right about that (Even though I was wrong about the two options I presented (Either we sign AP or we draft a RB)). According to Adam Schefter, former Raiders running back Latavius Murray is visiting with the Vikings today…

This is very, very exciting. Murray is one of the better young running backs in the league and he has the perfect body/style to bring the “Thunder” to the sole running back on the Vikes roster, Jerick McKinnon’s “Lightening” (Or is it the other way around?). He’s 6’3″ and 230 lbs, essentially a bigger Adrian Peterson, sans the top end speed and fumbling problems. Also, Murray graded (According to Pro Football Focus) as a top three or four blocking running back in 2016. Which makes sense because of his size and also reminds me of how strange it is that Peterson is not a blocking running back but would also help protect Sam Bradford alongside the new tackles the team has added since last Thursday.

Stay tuned for more info! I’ll be attached to my computer all day with all this news breaking!

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