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Hello winners and losers and welcome to your weekly edition of Fantasy Tuesdays, I certainly hope your fantasy weekend went much smoother than mine did(looking at you David Johnson).


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To open up this week, just a bit of housekeeping first. I hear you loud and clear #NoOneCaresAboutYourFantasyTeam. So for now on we will get right to the meat of it, skip the bun and break out the knives as we got some good stuff for you.


Studs and Duds

Patrick Mahomes-

Ladies and gents if you do not believe the hype you best start believing cause this kid is the absolute truth. He has now made fools out of defenses two weeks in a row. 10 touchdowns in two weeks? Whew boy. Throw out the matchup calendar this kid is your QB1. The Chiefs do not have a defense to put a team away and there’s a lot of predicted shootouts coming your way so buckle up Mahomes owners and ride your way to the championship.


Will Fuller-

Alright, I’m in. Will Fuller has proven to turn into a legit weapon. He’s not just a deep threat anymore and Watson continues to air out this ball. I’ll raise my hand and eat the crow, Fuller is a perrenial WR2 and a forever good flex. Start this man.


Duds and what to do with them:

David Johnson-

This man is starting to scare me as he’s been a top five pick for me in two out of three leagues. Remember Todd Gurley’s second season when he struggled to do ANYTHING on a very bad Rams offense? This is starting to look extremely reminiscent of that. If you sit on him and hope he pans out, no one would blame you at all. What I’m going to do however is trade him the minute he has an okay-good game and recoup my costs in other positions. I do not trust this Cardinals offense at all and they are refusing to use one of the best receiving backs even when having to throw their way back in games.


Duke Johnson-

Time to cut and run, you can find any number of running backs off the waiver wire that are going to help you out more than Duke. Everyone loved him last year but the truth of the matter is he’s gone from the focal point of the offense to the backburner and I don’t see him stealing many looks from the much upgraded Browns offense.


Waiver Wire Wonders

Austin Ekeler-

I’ll admit, I’m still a bit skeptical on this one but he’s proven that he can just about do it all. A fantastic receiver while also averaging seven yards per carry this last week has Ekeler looking at legitimate Flex starts every week. Buy now while you can and either flex start him or watch for the good matchups(Rams next week but Oakland and SF after that).


John Brown-

John Brown has been growing as not just the Ravens deep threat but as their number one receiver as a whole. Playing very impressively and only being owned in 30% of leagues(according to Yahoo) means you could be picking up an absolute steal this week. Couple John Brown’s development with the strange resurgence of Joe Flacco and we are looking at incredible value. Denver, Pitt, Cle the next three weeks makes Brown a must start.



Welcome to the new tidbit I’m going to give for those of us playing the weekly fantasy football and maybe help you rake in a bit of cash.

Everyone in Fanduel and Draftkings and the such know that Stacks win money. If you’re not initiated a stack is a same team QB/WR combo usually. Tight end and running back sometimes work as well but mostly QB/WR. Stacks maximize points with players working off each other.  Every week I’m going to hit you up (with little analysis to keep these short and sweet) with my favorite stacks.


Ryan Fitzpatrick and Mike Evans-

Bad Pitt defense leads to shootouts and Evans is safer than Desean Jackson


Sam Darnold and Quincy Enunwa-

Great value tandem here against a still questionable Browns defense. Low cost will net you big Running backs.


Kirk Cousins and Stefon Diggs-

BAD Bills team against a top NFL tandem.


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