– Lost Seasons: Reflections on recent Minnesota Vikings disappointments


After a season of immense let downs here is ranking of the 5 most disappointing season endings in Minnesota Vikings history since 1998.

Heading into Super Bowl week, it’s almost a distant memory to when the Minnesota Vikings were the favorite team, even over the Patriots, to play in the Super Bowl. The Atlanta Falcons are the NFC team tasked with dethroning Tom Brady on his quest to pretty much cement himself as the most legendary and prolific passer of all time. The Vikings fell short this season, but how much does this season hurt compared to previous seasons of pain in the last 20 years?

Everybody has heard the joke, Q)  Why are the Vikings uniforms purple? A) If you have been choking for as long as they have you would be purple too! It’s the burden, the pain, and the monkey on the back of what has been an incredibly successful team throughout its history. The Vikings have more playoff appearances than 80% of other NFL teams and have never sealed the deal.


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