Eddie Lacy Visits with Vikings over the Weekend while AP Visits with the Seahawks. Neither Leave with Contracts… Who Would You Rather Have in 2017?


Apparently former Packers running back/Weight Watchers spokesperson before Oprah started yelling at us about bread, Eddie Lacy visited with the Vikings on both Saturday and Sunday this weekend which at first seemed to indicate that the team and the 26 year old Alabama back were close to a deal (That or he really took to Manny’s). However, as announced by the Vikings late last night, Lacy left the Twin Cities without a contract after buying two seats on a commercial flight… Okay, I’m done ripping the guy. But yeah, he left without signing anything.

With Adrian Peterson reportedly meeting with the Seattle Seahawks yesterday as well, the Vikings may be in need of a replacement for their all-time great running back. After some reports that Peterson wasn’t garnering “Any” interest from teams in the free agency market late last week, Seattle, one of the teams linked to Peterson by nearly every speculating writer, apparently wanted to kick the tires on the soon to be 32 year old back. He also left Seattle without signing a contract, according to an anonymous source as Seattle wasn’t promoting the visit, at least like the Vikings were.

And that actually means something, or could. While the Vikings do know first-hand how good Lacy can be (As he has run over our defense probably more than any other team, and it’s been infuriating) they also could be using him as a way to show Peterson that they’re serious about life without him and that he needs to make a decision sooner rather than later about whether or not he’ll return to Minnesota. Sure, they could also be legitimately interested in Lacy, but that doesn’t mean that his visit couldn’t serve more than one purpose and with the Vikings announcing his visit and that he had left without a contract, at least when to compare it to the clandestine approach of the Seahawks (And the typically tight lipped approach the Vikings do take) and it could make sense.

The Vikings have said that they do want Peterson back and while that could also just be lip service, it would make a lot of sense now, considering how shaky their free agency period has been. While they have, on paper, improved their offensive line, the feeling is that they really didn’t improve it nearly enough especially with all the additional needs that were created by multiple free agents leaving the Vikings for… Mostly the Panthers. So, the Vikings simply may not have the amount of draft picks they need to satisfy their burgeoning needs, so it is looking more and more like they’re going to go the veteran/free agent route for their running back needs at least for one more season.

With that, it’s looking like that’ll come down to either the 26 year old Lacy or the 32 (For all intents and purposes) Adrian Peterson. Who would you rather have? Let us know below (Via your Facebook or WordPress accounts) or on Facebook and/or Twitter!

And Stay Tuned for Free Agency Coverage!

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