Eddie Lacy Signs with Seattle… Leaving Vikings with Two Options…


So much for that two day visit… According to “SportsTrustAdvisors” on Twitter, former Packers running back/positive body image advocate Eddie Lacy has agreed to terms with the Seattle Seahawks. It’s intriguing as Lacy was in Minneapolis visiting with the Vikings brass over the weekend, while former Vikings running back Adrian Peterson was in Seattle meeting with their management. So, it’s surprising that Lacy ended up with the Seahawks, especially as he was supposed to be meeting with the Packers today. Or so I thought.

This move means, or could mean, a few things.

First. Essentially the Vikings now have two options when it comes to the running back position. They can bring Adrian Peterson back or focus on drafting a running back in the second or third round. Secondly, this could mean that Adrian either turned down Seattle’s offer, or Seattle didn’t want to sign a back who will be 32 this season. I did mention in my article about those meetings that perhaps both Peterson and the Vikings were testing one another by visiting a team/bringing in another back to provide mutual leverage. I’m sure there will be some clarification in the next few hours or days, but the reason behind Lacy’s signing will definitely help us see what interest (If any) the Vikings have in bringing back Adrian Peterson.

With that, I believe we’ll have some sort of resolution regarding Peterson very, very soon. If I had to bet on what they Vikings will do… I’d say that they’ll bring Peterson back. They have the cap space and he wouldn’t cost nearly as much he otherwise would’ve and considering the a few additional needs that have popped up since Thursday (Nickel corner, punter, back up quarterback), it’d make sense to bring in AP to avoid needing to spend one of our limited draft picks on a running back, especially on a higher pick. Not to say that they still wouldn’t draft a running back, but if they have Adrian Peterson they can spend a draft pick later in the draft as opposed to needing to spend a second or third on someone who can start right away. This draft has a very deep running back class, so drafting someone later that they could develop behind Peterson, would make more sense.

So, stay tuned, I’m sure we’ll have a resolution soon.

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