Dalvin Cook, who just referred to himself in the third person and as the “Chef” (which I LOVE), posted an update (whilst probably feeling pretty good thanks to the post-surgery meds he’s got) about his surgery on his Twitter feed a couple of hours ago:

It’s great news to hear that especially considering that this is the Vikings and we had one of our star players lose feeling/reaction in one of his leg muscles thanks to a botched “routine” surgery (in Sharrif Floyd), but it still stings to realize that Dalvin “The Rookie of the Year Chef” Cook isn’t playing for the Vikings the rest of the season. It’s hard not to compare 2017 to 2016 at this point, as it looks like Sam Bradford re-injured his knee Monday Night and thus the Vikings will be rolling with Case Keenum and a combo of Jerick McKinnon and Latavius Murray against the Packers next Sunday when they should be 4-1 with Bradford already over 1,500 yards and 10 TD’s and Cook dominating the ROY contest. While McKinnon played well, I’m still getting to the point where I have to believe in the multi-verse/bubble theory of the universe, meaning that there is a universe out there somewhere where that’s a reality. So, I’m using this article to announce that I’m building a machine that’ll allow me to hop into other/alternate universes, Quantum Leap style, until I find that universe and watch that Universe’s Vikings beat the Packers 38-17. It’s essentially just my microwave hooked up to my modem.

So. Yeah. Clearly, I’ve reached the point where I’m talking nonsense because this team is just killing me. I know people are happy/relieved that the Vikes won that game last night but it’s just so hard to get excited about this/anything right now. I hope that’ll pass and that Bradford will be fine, but I’m really not expecting that to happen which opens the door for Bradford to leave at the end of the season and as you all know, I’m a big Bradford guy. So, my pain comes from the anticipation of that as well as the current situation with Keenum, the Packers and Cook and the fact that I was one of the few people before the season saying how good the Vikings were going to be with Bradford, Cook, Diggs/Thielen/Floyd and that Defense. But, it’s good to hear that Cook is doing well and since he’s going to be non-weight bearing for a few weeks, maybe the Vikings can rush him back to the field for a goal-line rush against the Packers, with Bradford handing it off to him. Seems to be their style.

Either way, I’m off to set my microwave to defrost. Wish me luck!

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