Daily Norseman: How Much Cap Space Can The Vikings Free Up?


We’re about five weeks away from the start of free agency in the National Football League, and we’ll finally have some fresh news about the Minnesota Vikings to talk about. The team is no doubt preparing to spend some money to shore up their weak points, but how much will they have to do that?

As it stands right now, the purple sit with approximately $20 million in salary cap space. However, as this article from CBS Sports points out, the Vikings have the greatest “cap flexibility” of any NFL team. That means they have the ability to free up more salary cap space than anyone else.


Just how much can they free up? Well, let’s take a look at some of the players that could, potentially, be cap casualties as we get closer to March. I’m definitely not suggesting that the Vikings will cut all of these players, but their salary figures and their performance put them close to the chopping block, at the very least. All salary figures come from Over the Cap.

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