CP… Lets do this!!


I’m not sure if I’m hoping for too much but I implore Cordarrelle Patterson to come to the realization that he is a return man and gimmick player and not a number one or two receiver, and in the process hopefully end up signing a contract with the Vikings accordingly. His agent can probably con some team (Seattle, they love our rejects, especially our wide receiver rejects) into a one or two year deal worth a little more than the vikings are going to offer. But, come on Flash, you have the opportunity to be part of something special here.

Despite what I said above, I do see him as a very special and unique piece with with the Vikings. So, I hope he has the self reflection to realize the possibility of being a major part of something special here. He is one of the best if not the best return man in the league currently, however he’s been a very below average receiver. His returns can make a huge difference in a game and that has to be compensated but he is a sub-par receiver since being drafted in the first round by the Vikings in 2013.


As a receiver in 2016 he caught 74% of the passes thrown his way for a whopping 453 yards. Surprisingly, among wide receivers in the NFL he actually wound up 8th in the league in catch percentage, which seems very good until you realize that Diggs and Thielen were tied for 5th. A lot of that has to do with the fact that Sam Bradford broke the NFL record for completion percentage, and he broke that record because the Vikings threw mostly < 10 yard passes all year thanks to their atrocious offensive line.

Patterson’s 453 yards put him at 106th among receivers, I realize that he has to be on the field to get yards but we also have to accept the judgment of our coaches and know that there is a very good reason someone making 2.3 milion last year was supplanted by Mr. Thielen when it comes to opportunities. Despite the low, on-paper numbers, 2016 was seen as a major step forward in Patterson’s career, at least. A season in which he proved that he can actually at least PLAY the position. Because of that, I fear that another team will offer more money and combine the newfound fact that Patterson can at least play the position with his seemingly untapped potential, and toss a bunch of money his way.

I do realize i’m asking a lot out of a 25 year old kid, but if he realizes his potential mostly does and will forever fall as the best return man in the league and he doesn’t try to still become something I think (But perhaps other general managers don’t yet realize) he will never be, a starting receiver, he could be a big part of something very special as a member of the purple and gold!

Or he could sign a few short contracts and own a car dealership in 4 years. Your decision CP!

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