Chicago Trolls Aaron Rodgers After Break-Up from Olivia Munn


I’m starting to really like the Bears.

In a move that the Vikings brass would never allow (despite the apparent deletion by the Bears organization after, of course, people were “Outraged”), the Bears organization trolled their arch-nemesis Aaron Rodgers yesterday after it was announced that he and girlfriend (Of three years) actress Olivia Munn had broken up. Sure, it’s a low blow, but as many Bears fans said after the hub-bub started, it’s really all they got right now.


Being in Minneapolis, a lot of us forget that some believe that the Bears-Packers rivalry easily surpasses the Packers and Vikings one. Sure, the Packers/Vikings rivalry has been more heated, and competitive, as of late (The 2010 NFC Championship game notwithstanding) but Chicago and Green Bay have history on their side. I remember flying out to Milwaukee for a week of training after landing a job as a business-to-business Account Executive at a job board based out of Milwaukee. Perhaps I was being trolled, but many people there refused to acknowledge my hatred for their team and state in general, which made some sense considering how much Milwaukee gets over-shadowed by Chicago, but still. There’s nothing worse than hatred that isn’t reciprocated.

The fun started when the Chicago Tribune posted the following:

“And Boyfriend…”, classic.

The Bears organization followed up with a “Friday Feelings” tweet that showed a sad Aaron Rodgers. That tweet, or at least the picture, has since been deleted. It was up long enough for Packers fans to stop eating and start foaming at the mouth, which lead the Bears to apparently delete the tweet (or the picture, at least).More than a few Packers fans responded with a bunch of “Scoreboard” tweets, with highlights of Rodgers burning the Bears over the course of his career and a lot of Tweets regarding the 2010 NFC Championship game.

Now, I personally find this sort of stuff hilarious and more than just part of the game. It’s really one of the better parts of the game, if you ask me, as there’s nothing more fun than ragging the fans of a team that you hate. Some people, though, fervently hate that aspect of fandom, which I’ll never understand, even if I do understand that some people take rivalries way too far (Just ask Oakland Raiders fans). It’s actually one of the reasons that this site exists at all, I was essentially run out of town in Reddit back around 2015 after my approach, sense of humor and general hygiene began to rub people the wrong way. It took me awhile to learn to not “defend” my articles as much online, as I saw it more as part of the fun (Debating people about the team(s) that we love) but in retrospect I can see how it came off more as smarmy and defensive (Two words that explain why I’m single).

So, lighten up, Packers fans. Get them chins up. While, again, pointing out something that is personally sad for a player could be considered a low blow, it’s all in good fun. It’s not as if Rodgers doesn’t participate in some shenanigans himself, with his ‘Discount Double Check’ belt movement being synonymous with his game for the better part of the last decade. The fact that the entire town of Chicago reveled in the fact that this happened shows that he’s doing something right, as clearly he’s the villain for a reason (I don’t recall anyone caring that much when Rex Grossman broke up with his parents for naming him after the king of the Dinosaurs).

Keep in mind, also, that this is a city that used to sell these jerseys at their OWN stadium(s):

So, if anything, Rodgers got off easy.

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